Thursday, July 18, 2013


Staten Island is now a series of tiny islands surrounded by rough waters claimed by sharks with steroid rage and vikings in search of whatever is left if your soul. I looked out my window before and a passing warship passed by looking for the few left that are unarmed in the name of peace. This is only the beginning of what is panning out to be a very long war on the loving and the loyal. Everyone has begun staking claim and flying their flags on their small remote islands. Don't say you weren't warned: don't wear your warm masks you will be scalped and burned alive for the pleasures of the non-believers. To not believe in anything but your self has become the new movement. Everyone has seemingly bunkered down and prepared their barracks. What was once an imaginary war is becoming very real with very real casualties. On the bright end of the spectrum this is perhaps the kickoff of Armageddon as we never saw it coming. Complete death of the universal soul. Soon we will just be floating around existing at the hands of those who seemingly out evolved us caring and compassionate people. Darwinism of the mind and heart is in full swing. Affairs and quality of life all of the globe are either evolving for the good, like in Egypt and Brazil or headed toward an end of days like in the United States with the reveal of the N.S.A. The N.S.A is just the first of the final signs that our freedom is gone for good! Perhaps we have one final chance at saving our country, but as long as we're in this game called life to win on our own... Guess what?! We're all going to lose!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I won't sit anymore!
Not in a country where I can't even take a private shit anymore!
Keep watching the rain -- Let it pour
What the fuck  happened to report & the peace core?
Or the red, white and blue we proudly wore --
Before J.P. Morgan started keeping score!
Instead we fight pointless war, for right to be the man's whore!
The fact that we would rather ignore then be brave and explore --
Makes me wonde
r if was there ever a freedom to restore???
When he sailed ashore I doubt Columbus envisioned the NSA at your front door!
It's time we fly a black and white flag, because we're all prisoners of war!!

- Mike Cooper
The first of many!
The start of a movement . . . WE WANT YOU!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Mike Cooper designer of Redeem Art at Edwing D'Angelo Fashion for Autism

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Great Unobserved Gift of Depression

Life is all about perception, however no matter how much of positive minded individual you are, you will always hit ruts in the road of life. The trick, to me, is realizing that in this time it may feel as though you are falling behind and losing in this game of life, but in reality you're just stagnant. When you look at it that way and you think this way early on and don't allow it to progress to a dangerous level, you will be in a good spot. In noticing that you are just stagnant, in the same place you last left off your progression to the top of the food chain in this tough world of today.

With a little will power and focus of mind this will cause your negative energy to convert to positive energy. That feeling of "I can't" will turn into "I will, I have to". At this point you will be so driven to get out of your depressed state, that you will try as hard as you can and put much effort toward your goals. Toward things that make you feel like you. This will, with maintained and concentrated focus, proppel you out of the rut and way further down the road compared to where you were before you became depressed.

This trick may not work for everyone. It is a very obscure concept and it is by no means a simple task. However, I believe in times of desperation different areas of our consciousness open naturally. It's a matter of being able to break the cycle of negative thoughts, and convincing yourself of what I said. If you catch it while it's in the beginning to mid-range stage and you look at the situation that has been dealt to you by the almighty energies of the universe in the manner I mentioned above, your progress is limitless. Remember, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" there are very few quotes that ring true like that one.

I went through a deep period of depression when my father passed away. I was anxious and scared of everything around me. Now, I am fearless in life and I see that you may as well take the risk and shoot for your dream, because life is too short for regrets. I am passing this information on because I want to help people in this predicament. I want to show you that it is possible with proper focus and dedication to break out of this stagnant state and end up closer to your goals than ever. Depression is almost like a lesson that we all must learn in order to see the value of life and why you should never give up, on anything. I have seen people lose major parts of their life over depression, even taking their own life. By accident or not, this is not the way to go. The universe and it's energies are testing your will power and strength of mind and emotional stability. If you read between the lines and accept it as a lesson and a chance to better yourself, you will find yourself way ahead of the game when you snap out of this distraught mental state.

I remember my psychiatrist always tried to push antidepressants on me and I wasn't a fan. I've always been a believer that the mind is connected to the universe, which controls the outcome of our ventures in life, and ultimately whether we reach our goals or not. I didn't want a mental crutch, because it then takes away the whole point of the lesson and you will find yourself at most times, robotic and even kelled. As an artist, I need to feel emotions, good or bad.

This information I shared with you will only get you so far. You have to put it into effect. I know how it feels and how draining and difficult it is to reach this level of intellectuality, especially if you must start during a time of depression. Just have faith in your ability to be in control of the energies the universe sends your way. If you are not in this state prepare ahead of time. Even if you're in the worst depressive state, just heed this advice and make it your own. You can do anything you set your mind to. Just don't lose focus in these foggy minded times. B strong and carry on!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The life of an artist: The blessed curse

I walk alone, but I am surrounded by support. I'm taking a risk, so they're all whispering. Whispering after they smile and nod. This is when I realized, at around 17, that as an artist I can't even rely on myself. All I have is my soul. If my soul doesn't speak volumes everyday, than no one will hear. If have been called upon as an artist, you must accept the burden that comes along with it. Failure may be a part of that burden, but I am speaking of opening your soul to all of the forces of the universe. You cannot tune out pain, fear and suffering, among other uncomfortable emotions. You must feel them, keep them in you mind, so they are easily accessible. Emotional recall is the most valuable tool in an artist's tool belt. This allows us to evoke emotion in others, which makes works of art.

Through this process I noticed that life is too short and no matter what negative obstacles lay in my way, I will push on. Turning those very negative forces into positive forces that push me to the next level. In my experience, and to my knowledge, artist's tend to be a tortured breed. With every gift comes a curse. It is unusual how traveling to
disconcerting areas of the soul, to compose your work, actually brings on a comforting hypnosis. Allowing us to escape the world for a little while. This is one of the most rewarding things about being an artist. The second would have to be sharing that experience with other. Allowing them an escape.

Every artist has their own method. For me whether it's writing an article, a story or a film, I just touch my hands to the keyboard, or my pen to the paper and let it flow from my soul. I rarely edit my work, because I feel when something is too thought out it isn't a work of the soul. This has helped me gain trust in my soul. I trust that it will deliver for me. Through writing and mediation I have honed my souls powers. Through that strength I am blessed with the ability to face life head on. To me any experience in life, good or bad can help me in my work. That is why I have started this blog and movement, to show younger artists that releasing your demons from your soul through art is rewarding and refreshing at the same time. Do not fear a career as an artist. Don't listen to what others say. For that matter, don't even listen to yourself. The soul will guide you in the right direction, forever.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Great Job Dad! (The story of my father's death)



It was a gloomy day, but I'm pretty sure that I was in a positive mind-state. My mother, sister and I walked out the door, with no attempt to wake him up. Looking back I don't blame her, he used to throw alarm clocks. I now attribute that to a long night of using, trying to wash away his past, even for a few hours.

We got in the car to return a rented , and as I sit in the passenger seat the first thing I see is the glovebox. The first thing of I think of the time I opened it in my dads car. I barley cracked it and I saw a large package of white powder. What I now know is cocaine. He slams it shut and begins to lay into me.

As we pull out of the video rental store parking lot my mother hands me the phone with an attitude and says, "Call your fucking father." It rang to voice-mail on each of my three attempts. The whole way home if I recall correctly, my mother was complaining about my dad and how "he sleeps to much". Now thinking back I know what she wanted to say. We pul into the driveway and my mother was the first in the bedroom. She slams the door and yells at my sister and I to sit in the kitchen.

She walked out and everything seemed fine, until I saw firetrucks pull up, along with my Aunt, who took us away from this scene. I remember looking through the rear window at the scene in front of my house. It didn't real scare me. I was very confused.

As an adult I look back on this and I think, "You're really going to belittle your son, who is supposedly your best friend, for opening a glovebox that you chose to keep coke in there. The same cocaine that killed you. So selfish, taking out a life insurance policy 3 months before you died. How do you live knowing what you are doing to your family! Not even me Mommy and Caitlin! It's okay though, because you are the picture perfect example of what I don't want to be!" The experience made me numb. Instant numbness ran through my body and soul when my aunt and mother walked into my cousin room and said daddy's dead.

I held in the pain through the whole ordeal. I felt as if I was the only man left and therefor I must be strong. This all ended when the paulbarers and I walked the casket out of the church. As soon as the slow ringing bell sounded, it felt like it was then end. I want to convince myself that I was crying because of my mother and sister. Up until recently I found it easier to be angry at him, than miss him. Tearing at my soul is the thought of wanting to hug someone or even talk to them one last time. So all I do is hunt for success and understand of the universe and it's action. The stories it tells me. Great job dad, you created an arist.

- Mike Cooper

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Throwback TV: Cartoons from the 90s

My overpacked backpack swung side to side as I rushed toward m mother car after school. I had fifteen minutes to get home so I could catch the Power Rangers. I truly miss the days when I felt as though television was real. Don't get me wrong as an artist I always try my best to keep my imagination and childish sense of wonder. However, day to day events bring me back to reality, which even the most successful in this world struggle to do on a daily basis. On top of all of this I need to include the fact that I cannot stand 90% of television shows. Let's face it, once the Disney channel arrived on the scene it was the death of children's entertainment as we know it. All of their work is a duplicate in disguise, or at least very comparable to the show that ran right before it.

My favorite cartoon growing up was Rugrats, then it became Ren and Stimpy, both classic cartoon, that at the time were very original. I recall one episode of Ren and Stimpy when one of the two spit in a jar. My aunt was so offended, she told us we couldn't even watch it. Granted, she is a conservative woman, but it shows that the writers of children's entertainment back then were willing to push the envelope. Take notice how every the drawings, especially the close-ups are very detailed and well gross. I always loved this as a child, because I felt like I was geting away with something.

I even used to love Doug and Batman: The animated series, among other cartoons that weren't vulgar, but they wee original. The old Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network were great. The Doug theme song was always so cool to me, as well.

I will say that Family Guy and South Park still give me a piece of that feeling. The feeling that I get when writers enter that daring territory. However, these shows were not designed for kids. In this day and age parents continue to keep a tighter and tighter grip on their children's brains. This inhibits exploration of different forms of art at a young age. Chris Rock said it best, "Entertainment doesn't make kids insane. You;re kid was all ready crazy. WHat happened to plain ol' crazy?!" Another problem is sheltered children tend to become very rebellious at a certain age. I do agree there are certain things that children should not see, but I'm speaking of very graphic material. I miss those Saturday mornings when my father used to set up a banket for me to it on and eat my breakfast that he cooked me, as e both watched these cartoons. As a writer, at some point I want to give this feeling back to children.

One of my goals is to change children's entertainment, one cartoon at a time. Something that makes overly conservative parents cringe a little bit. I see how many kids sneak away to watch Family Guy and South Park I swear by the fact that you make it worse when you glorify it by criticizing these works of art. It becomes that much more interesting to children.

I'm looking for your opinion on this matter. You already know how I feel. Why are parents sheltering kids, and in your opinion why are cartoons so "Mickey Mouse" now a days? Also, if you are older than me, what retro shows do you wish you could go back and see the first time?