Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Since I can remember art classes in grammar and high-school where less then adequate. Now that I grow older I realize what it is to be an artist. We need to pass this knowledge onto the next generation. These children who are creatively skilled, they tend to slack off and day dream. Half the time when I was in grammar school I wrote. If kids have a class that is fun and really teaches them, maybe we can change their outlook on education. Expressing their pent up emotions in a proactive way. Now-a-days I'm not sure kids even see that as an option. We need to show them it's possible. I have many plans for this, but I'll end with this let's stop teaching how to draw shapes and teach them how to draw emotions and change the world.

Every child is born an artist. It's a matter of keeping the imagination alive.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Aging Gracefully

Age is only a number. Youth lives in the soul.
Time may be a matter, but you can still decide to achieve a goal!
Find a passion and feel your soul - life will feel like a stroll.
Change you're mind state;
Life i great if you're listening you may be already on a roll!
No matter the case, you can always be great;
Make heat in the cold even if life gave you coal!

By now you know life is like a deck of cards;
Everyone been bruised, scrapped and scarred.
That burning feeling in your chest gone - charred!
No! Stand up let in the world for it's glory;
Let in that light and let down that guard.

Life is like a story;
Except we can make our own happy ending!

Coming from a twenty-two year old this probably sounds ridiculous, but I feel taht at any age, as an artist I will embrace life. Because, as you move further down the path of life things change. There will always be something new to observe for it's wonder. There will always be a cause to stand up for! Let me know what you guys think.



Saturday, August 14, 2010

Death: A love story

At first I asked, how could you turn your back?
Two kids and a wife weren't enough to keep your ass on track?
I know we all have baggage, but there's a time to unpack!
Wouldn't even do it justice to call it taken aback.
You saw life as a race to the finish and at that you led the pack.
Whatever heart was left told you to get life insurance three months back;
It was like you knew you were going to have that heart attack.
Hell, you knew you weren't coming back!
Not giving a fuck you knew you could never take it back.
Declared war on my life. I was under attack.

You know life is funny;
You weren't there to wipe my nose that was runny;
So, I had to look ahead for a day that was sunny.
Observing from the outside I found art and forgot about money.

Your ignorance made me see that there's an end to every storm;
My experiences in life caused me to be different then the norm;
Tears, death and art molded my heart to a more powerful form.
Always told me to follow my dream, even if it was in a college dorm.
I have to give it to you the little you taught me made my heart a swarm!
When you're thrown into a fox hole you have to stand up and reform!

To tell you the truth I still miss my father. I consider what he did giving up on life and family. His troubled past caused him a rocky future. I understand that everyone has their demons, but you must be strong enough to fight the demons off. You should do it for yourself, but if not for that for the people you love. I must say despite all of his problems he was never a bad father. He was in fact very loving and warm. Despite that, sometimes it's beyond me why there's still love in my heart even though he took my himself from me. Beyond the realization that he was an addict, and therefore was very sick. It really made me realize that life could change at any moment. So I said fuck it, and I realized I would follow my heart at any cost. Manage to be an artist in this country that is less than fair to our kind. Taking observations of life in such a way that even the ugliest thing could be beautiful, because anything can inspire an artist. Hell, I the darkest parts of my life are what keep me motivated. It's that mind state that will lead you toward turning negativity into positivity.

Within every death lies a fight to the death within the heart of every loved one. When my father first died I decided I would be the strong one. I would win the fight. I believe I vaguely remember a conversation with my father. He told me that in reality you will bury your parents, he told me to be strong and be there for any remaining family. I am the only man in my family, so I felt like I had to be the rock. After defeating a terrible anxiety/depersonalization problem, most likely derived from all of the pent up emotion. I observed myself from the outside in. This experience will either drive you nuts or make you stronger. I chose the latter and defeated it. Turning my mind in the direction where I was able to turn any negative into a positive. Therefore, inadvertently my father ruining his life just very well have made mine. Funny. The whole time I leaned on faith in life rather then faith in the church. it never worked for me, but if it works for you more power to you. In my mind, God is life. If that makes any sense to anyone. In finding yourself as a strong minded artist you cannot fail. You are already a success.



Have you had a similar experience?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Abbreviation Nation

Everyone hails to the D.E.A, FDA and the CDC.
Wait till the get a load of me!
Open your eyes too many inside are on a killing spree;
As long as it will turn their quarterly report up a few degrees
Hopefully, before your day comes you'll see.
Fuck a settlement fee!
I don't give a damn. A settlement's a guilty plea;
And it'll never bring things back to what they used to be!
Stop thinking that the kings are the only ones that can decree.
Pollinating society in disguise, like a killer bee.
You may disagree;
But consider they've been advertising drugs like products since color TV!

You may be surprised to hear about your family physician;
To him cash may be a great proposition.
Too many firing on the wrong cylinders. Working for a false mission!
Trust me, nothing good will come from those narcotic prescription.
It's time we give this injustice some recognition;
Where are all the politicians?
Continuing to roll down hill, because we give it our permission!
See that line outside the office? It's ammunition!
I have a proposition! It's time for a huge transition!
Medicine should heal, but it's giving society a deadly condition!

I always question how they way up everyday;
Granted some may have a good message they are trying to convey;
But, for some the dollar bill is too much of a temptation to betray;
Even though in the end we are the one's who must pay.
Laughing at how are society is as pliable as clay!
I never thought the F.D.A could be in disarray!
After all we live in the free world! U.S.A!

I lost my father to Vioxx, among other things. I think that by this point in our society, which is hopefully smartening up, we can see that it's about money. We live in a competitive economy and Big Pharma is business after all. A giant and powerful company with tons of money to lobby and effect as many decisions as they like. Have we not questioned why so many prescription drugs lead to addiction and or death?

Where I live on Staten Island, New York so many doctors are getting locked up, finally by the D.E.A, for giving out oxycodone and other narcotics like candy. Pay cash and receive a script for narcotics. I guess they made enough money arresting these kids on the street for selling their scripts. So, now we can begin to arrest "some" of the doctors. Hippocratic oath my ass! We need to put an end to this. Stop locking up so many for marijuana, and start putting away the people who are responsible for the true DRUG related deaths in this country.

I have many true stories that I have been involved in with crooked cops in the N.Y.P.D, another great yet sadly crooked organization. I was once arrested for buying marijuana. I got it out of an unnamed persons mailbox, followed by getting immediately arrested. They continue onn to tell me I shouldn't call him anymore, because the persons phone was tapped. They later asked me to rat on people for money, which I didn't do. However, question this. Why did'nt they ask for any information about this person who has pounds of marijuana? Is it because they already have him caught? No, it's because they can make more money arresting a bunch of small time peaceful smokers, rather then one big time dealer who btw is profiting from this venture. So, it seems to me that the Staten Island branch of the NYPD is quite crooked, because this person continues to sell. How?!

Away from disarray

Why do I feel this way? Like I have no choice.
Inside, but it was loud as day. That internal voice.
When I'm frantic my dream calms me like sunset at the bay.
Society replacing follows other morals, but I don't worry about they.
Keep it inside, that's where it'll grow. Forget what they say.
Unfortunately, as an artist I must observe society. Trust me, there's dismay.
Drawing more from within, too much propriety. Blindness in such a wide array.
FCC, FDA - Abbreviations change views. Molding you like clay.
Look to yourself for cues. You are the only one you must obey.
Stop focusing on your shoes. Worry about what you portray!
Even on the darkest day even on the darkest day;
There's no pain that your heart's tears can't wash away.
I hope you're listening to the message I'm trying to convey.
One day when you look back, you might notice that your going down hill like a sleigh.
Don't let temptation turn your sky grey.
If you fall for the temptation of the population, that's the price you pay.
I own my heart. Don't do the short lease. Pushing it my way everyday;
Not selfish.
I strive for internal peace. It seems, all I can do is sit back and watch the decay.
Take those ear plugs out and prove me wrong, pull away from disarray.

I sure hope people stop replacing laws for morals. Making other's views their own. Listen to your heart. If they stopped focusing on what they say it might come in clearer.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The life and times of Mr. Hoot

Many years ago, I met a very interesting man. Video is at bottom, but I suggest reading the setup.

I sit waiting next to my cousin in the Muddy Cup Cafe, in Staten Island, New York. Sitting across from us is the flamboyant Ron B, a cross dresser/actor who does lip sync Whitney Houston performances during his public access talk show. Hell, he was paying us to film it and it was quite entertaining to witness.

He set up a meeting so we could meet with a director he knows, who has funding and is looking for cinematographers. Finally, fifteen long awkward minutes later he arrives. I met Mr. Hoot, who is still one of the most interesting people I have ever met. He greets us nervously and sits down, placing down his large backpack. He pulls out a DVD, along with a portable player. All as he quickly babbles on about the potential project.

Mr. Hoot tells us that what we are about to see is a piece of a show that he was pushing. The video started, I saw a bunch of people sitting in a room with a blue curtain behind them. I could hear the noise of the camera rolling, some hissing and the clear 80's VHS camcorder look. He should have just recorded it himself. The camera never moved from its spot, nor did it cut. The video consisted of Mr. Hoot rambling in front of these emotionless people. At the close I look up to see a confident Mr. Hoot, who thought we had just witnessed something amazing. He then happily tells us that he paid the cinematographer twelve-thousand dollars!

I smiled, nodded and handed him the reel that we had put together. Mind you this reel was put together mostly of "cool" looking shots of me acting random ways in random places. After all, we only had two days notice. After he saw it he was blown away. In his always passionate ways he stood up In a full cafe and said, "That was amazing!" He wanted to work with us right away.

At this moment I'm thinking this poor guy got ripped off, but at the same time I'm thinking we can make some serious money.

The next time we meet up with Mr. Hoot is when we went to film a screen test audition for him. We arrive at the address and notice it is a real estate office. Confused, I walk in and decide to ask anyway. The man at the desk confirms we are in the right place. He told me it was down stairs, as he pointed at a cellar entrance in the back of the office.

Once the actors arrived and Mr. Hoot began to direct the audition. I knew this was not going to be a normal audition, whatsoever. It did, however give me some priceless memories on film. About two weeks later he left for Texas, to get the "funding" for the film. He invited my cousin and I to come, but we declined. It turns out that desicion was a good one. I lost connection with him after a phone call from a Texas correctional facility. He said he "lost the contract", and ended up in jail for "public disturbance", or somethign like that. I can't remember clearly, but it sounded like a charge I had never heard of. Later, I spoke with the actress who tagged along with him, and she told me there was no contract. Apparently, he went unannounced to his brother home, in search of money and he wouldn't give it to him. She wasn't even allowed to disclose any information regarding his arrest, so I assume it was much more than "public disturbance". I could probably write a book on this man, so I'll cut to the chase.

He began to make the potential actors act out bits of scenes from the film. It made for one of the funniest experiences of my life. Because of this, I edited together the footage, as if it was a comedic short. It was a challenge, but he made it a whole lot easier. Remember, the actors were totally not prepared for this. Who knows what this film would have been about if it were to actually make it past the audition. Well, here it is. You tell me what you think.

Crazy Director

Frank MySpace Video

Under the influence

This is a short my cousin and I made this in 2003, when I was fifteen. So we took our muched loved crappy digital cameraand traveled to manhattan to film. I was the only actor in the film. I can't help but laugh when I look back on it. "Under the Influence" was what came of it. In 2005 it won the award for best short at the New York Film and Video festival. It screened in Los Angeles, as well. A very small accomplishment, but it will always remain a memory. It was the first time a film that I made was shown in front of an audience. I heard the audience clap at the close of the film. Even if only out of curiousity, I had an amazing feeling inside. A feeling that made me say I will dedicate my life to art, no matter what happened or what anyone said.


-Let me guys know what you think?

"In a world filled with fear, terror and meia chaos nothing is what it seems"

Under the Influence

Frank | MySpace Video

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Religion a cult?

I was raised by a Catholic family, so I was raised to believe in Jesus, and the idea that as long as we are all good people we will move onto a better place. As I got older I began to realize that it didn't all add up. The bible was obviously fictional stories with "some" great metaphors. I now realize organized religion is really a cult, and it is based upon someone else's beliefs. I'm not telling other people not to believe, I am just telling you what I believe.

I feel religion is a cult, because it shares every quality except tax exemption and number of members. So, why is it that we don't see it this way? Perhaps for interior monetary benefit, or because people are too scared to face the idea that this life might be all there is. For some, this idea is torturing, especially in these financially straining times. It seems every day we wake up to a new battle. To so many people I know life has became a hassle and a disappointment.

In our culture if you were to tell someone, "Hey I just discovered this awesome cult!" They would either think soon there will be a mass killing and you will be involved, or that you are plain crazy. Many people will tell you that cults have brought bloodshed, but they never mention the other "religions". Take the Bible and the Koran for example. How many wars were started over religion? How many people died in these wars? If you compare the number of deaths caused by a cult, direct or indirect it would be an astronomically higher death toll.

The idea of a religion needing a certain amount of members to qualify says that many people must believe in that concept. That I totally disagree with. Why should numbers choose how an organization is looked upon. This isn't business. This is religion!

I'm not trying to say cults are great things. What I am trying to say is, it's funny how we accept religion, but not a peaceful cult. What if I wanted to worship a holy rock and got a hundred people to worship that same rock? If word spread about that we would all be looked at as lunatics. Faith and peaceful beliefs are great. I would never try to make someone be something they aren't. I'm just bringing up some facts. Wikipedia defines a cult as: The word cult pejoratively refers to a group whose beliefs or practices are reasonably considered strange. Strange? Really? I could say much more about that definition, but I'll leave you with this. Hell, at least there is proof a rock exists.

- Why are religious groups exempt from taxation, again?


Sunday, July 18, 2010

John Lydon Says U2 'Never Should Have Existed'

John Lydon Says U2 'Never Should Have Existed'

Is this guy serious? Musician John Lydon has said that U2 should have never existed. Put it this way, before this article I knew who U2 is and I didn't know who John Lyndon was. It may be due to my age, but it is obvious that he has faded away. What a better chance at a cheap comeback, than to insult arguably the biggest band in the world right now. Bono has made a huge difference in this world and if U2 would have never existed then he would never have been able to make those contributions to the world. U2 is one of the only major commercial rock bands that still produces quality, heartfelt artistic music. In my opinion, they make some of the most beautiful and meaningful music. READ FOR YOURSELF. What do you think?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jeremy and Gorgolax: Improv 24 Hour Short from 2007

Hey guys, don't take this seriously. It's a short improvised comedy that we had to film and edit in less then 24 hours. So, if the dialogue doesn't sound crisp or the shots are a bit shaky, it's because we (the actors) were coming up with it on spot. We just set up a small set and shot. Tell me what you think. We actually won the contest, but I still see flaws. It was all in fun.


Tell me what you think...


I know you've been through a lot of shit in your life;
But you've gotta get up and say fuck that I'll do it twice.
In life if you have no change you will pay a price.
Not everything is equal sometimes the answer is a strife.
You must not think a positive life is truthful rife.

Alone you stand;
Know one who understands;
Even through now you stopped making demands.
This is the test to see if your self can withstand;
The time when in the time line of life, you feel like a tiny strand.
Critisisim should be banned.
Don't worry that they all think we need to be the same;
I don't know about you, but I don't have a brand.
So, stop acting like you don't have a tear gland.
Over the bridge, these words will hold your hand;
Understand, life doesn't have to be lavish for it to be grand.
If you let your belief and your soul expand;
You could have the world in your hand.
Things will be so bright you might even feel tanned.
If you're listening these words are to help you to your promised land.

I'm a Leo, and I match the criteria. I cannot tell a lie. I wish to live a lavish lifestyle and make money, so I can take care of all my loved ones. Just because you have money doesn't mean you still can't enjoy simplicity. Simplicity can even lead to wealth. If a young artist is happy with the "simplicity" in societies terms, of painting one day he may be a sought after world famous painter. Also, if you never reach wealth you will be happy if you can find simplicity, which I'm pretty sure lyes in your soul. I hope these words have helped someone. Let me know your view on his situation?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I followed myself by accident

Does anyone know how to delete a follow? Somehow I ended up following myself.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I will be including alternative treatments in an upcoming article.


ADD ADHD medications post life threating risks

The mother of a three year old enters a doctors office. She sits down across from this highly knowledgable individual.


Mother: What’s the youngest age at which a child can be diagnosed with, and treated for, ADHD? My three-year-old is hyperactive and I worry about his safety.

Doctor: It’s unusual for a child to be diagnosed before the age of five. But since your son is showing signs of ADHD, there’s no need to wait. Have the doctor evaluate your three-year-old and ask about starting medication. The latest research shows that stimulants are now safe and effective - even for preschoolers.

Is this serious? Honestly consider the fact that in this country MOST of us always trust the infinitley knowledgeable doctor is always right. Now lets have a moment of silence and think about this. Is hyperactivity in a 3 year old really adequate evidence that this child needs "black box" narcotics? Last time I checked a lot of three year olds are hyperactive. This is someone the government endorses. After all they did issue him his license.

Adderall and other methamphetamines are considered by the FDA, "Black box" narcotics. In the United States, a black box warning (also sometimes called a black label warning or boxed warning is a type of warning that appears on the package insert for prescription drugs that may cause serious adverse effects. It is so named for the black border that usually surrounds the text of the warning.

A black box warning means that medical studies indicate that the drug carries a significant risk of serious or even life-threatening adverse effects. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can require a pharmaceutical company to place a black box warning on the labeling of a prescription drug, or in literature describing it. It is the strongest warning that the FDA requires. How come we can give children these narcotics, but we would never give our children xanax or vicodine, which are horrible, but still not as bad as this stuff? How about oxycodone?


Good job Doctor and Parent, because they deserve some blame for not properly researching the drug. Let's put children on a drug that holds the Highest FDA warning. There's still a chance to stop, so have no worries.

This is getting out of control, and it's tough to look down upon people who fall for this, because information is scarce. To prove this, an unnamed Government health body advises to use extreme caution with these DANGEROUS drugs. Then all of a sudden they took a complete U-turn and revised the warning, as well as showing the drug in a positive light. Coincidence? I think not. This should be legal? How can the government and these doctors withhold important information involving the health of children and adults alike? Even the possiblity of death. This is why an NYU student who was interviewed on the subject compared Adderall to Tylenol.

There have been fifty-one reported deaths from ADD medications. Twenty of those fifty-one were children. They just dropped dead.

  • Abuse
  • Worsening of illness
  • Bad weight loss
  • Decreased growth
  • Heart Attack
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke


Is giving your children the upper hand in school a good enough reason to feed them these life threatening drugs?

A doctor found that ten out of ten children who died from unexplained heart problems were all on these drugs.

How do we test for these types of problems (ADD/DEPRESSION/ANXIETY, ETC)? The doctor isn't sticking a needle into my head and taking a reading. Thank God he isn't. DIG DEEPER DOCTOR!

Be careful who you trust.

Use Google.

Don't take this as something designed to offend. Take it as care, and help.

Open your eyes, America! My next article on this subject will cover much more on big medicine and how the they beneifit from selling drugs legally. I must close with this: MARIJUANA IS STILL ILLEGAL.


*Work Cited coming soon*

Friday, July 2, 2010

Link to Artbloggin - the world's first Art Blog Search Engine

Link to Artbloggin - the world's first Art Blog Search Engine: ", the first Artist
Blog Search Engine

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

War of words

Words rage war's.

Body's swept ashore;

From the red sea of twisted rapport.

At least they believe they're going to a higher floor.

So many turn their back to ignore;

A shared destruction, which we may never restore.

Stuck in a nation that sees you by the clothes you wore;

And what you bought from the jewelery store;

Rather then what lies at your core.

Even without seeing the guiding light please still implore;

To a higher power.

My guiding light. With my pen I explore.

Trying helplessly to see the questions that no one has an answer for.

We built the boat, but we forgot the oar;

So, we continue to wage this domestic war;

And I'm not even speaking about what's going on next-door.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cannibal nation

So many think your dreams need an explanation;
You must forgive them they're just an imitation.
When they look ahead they see limitation;
Life as aggravation.
Realize, life is like a train. It's fast - make sure you get off at the right station.
Maybe, it's just desperation;
But I believe in my situation.
When you hear your heart don't be scared of communication.
Realize it's your chance for navigation.
Believe with me, so we can share a special relation.
To tune out the horror and keep my focus I use my fascination;
To turn off reality I use my imagination.
No psychiatrist. That's my medication.
I can assure you we can all reach our destination;
All you need is dedication.
And oh yea. The need for transformation.
Hopefully this will stop this cannibal nation.

I'll keep it short, because I'm tired. By cannibal nation I am trying to say, they're are so many people whose lives were torn apart recently, mostly because of finance. These people have a tendency to take a "bite" at you and your life. If they could just realize their dream they could be happy and we can stop spreading the almighty negativity.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hypocritical Artist

Through my art I try to teach them through what I've done;
When I was young I was bullied, because I was the quiet one.
Maybe, because I was too busy looking to the sky, where lies the sun;
So, even if I make it only halfway I still won't feel like I've won.

Teaching though self reflection;
Hypocrital? Maybe, but I'm trying to spread the positivy infection.
I might be cold hearted but to this world I have affection;
Maybe, I can help with artistic ressurection.
Don't be scared of perfection;
It's all about perception.
It'll help you make the right selection;
Trust me. It will point you in the righ direction.

To me many artist's are hypoctical. Probably, one of the only form of hypocritical that could'nt be negative. In my writing I am putting pressure on those who have certain things that are coulding thier perception. I look it as tough love. I teach through art by reflecting on my own mistakes, as well as the mistakes I have seen in others. To me, an artist's job is to reflected his positive finds, through negative times in order to help the audiece see clearer. I could only hope to achieve that goal.

The misery epidemic in this country

Misery loves company. I'm sure we've all been through multiple situations in which someone has tried to pass on their misery to you. Misery seems to be on the rise. This comes to no surprise, due to the state of our economy. In my experience, most people are miserable due to the fact that they hate their jobs. With low income comes high pressure. I live in a single parent household, I would know. The dollar will make or break you, and that is sad. I wish there was another way, but unfortunatley in this country we have no choice. The only advice I have for those who are miserable for whatever reason is, "stop spreading negativity, because what goes around comes around." I understand your anger, but I believe, for the most part, you are in charge of your situation.

The only thing I can do is, as always, try to get the upcoming generations to see that they need to realize their skills, so they can hone and use them. Misery effects our economy so much they have created a tool called, "The Misery Index". Wide-spread perception is wide spread reality. We must begin with our outlook and work from there.

We need to take chances in our life. Rewards don't come to those who take risks. Many scurry away from oppurtunitues or carrers that include a lot of pressure. You must just close your eyes and make the leap. Why not, expecially if you already are at rockbottom. You can't fall any further. I truly would like to help this epidemic, but when I look at the high use of anti-deppressents alone, I can see it is a huge task. If I change one persons perspective with this article it would help me out. However, I will never give up until someone stops me, which is highly unlikely. Morale is at an all time low. If we do not stop this epidemic from spreading, we are doomed!

Tell me how misery has changed or affected your life. Are you miserable? Share why.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lone Zone

Feeling like everyone in my life had so many chances, but they were blown;

That's why I'm stuck here alone;

But for some reason it's the only thing around smelling sweet like cologne

After all this pain my hearts like a cyclone;

But that doesn't mean there's no room left in there for you to roam.

Pick your damn head up. Look in the mirror, your full grown.

Gets your hands off your eyes, with all those bitches and moans.

I don't know about you, but I'm headed for the thrown;

Could it be because I feel creation in every single one of my bones?

Or because I realize these are my skills to hone?

It's okay if you want to a drone;

But me I'd rather be privatley flown;

Nothing to do with the money. It's way more about being all alone in my safe zone.

Since I was about twelve, I knew what I wanted to be an artist. I always knew I would push for my goal, because after my father died he always told me to chase my goals. Plus, I felt like I had nothing left, but my own brain. Luckily, I now have a beautiful girlfriend who loves me dearly, as well as many friends around me. I'm in a bit of a rush, but my point is I honed most of my creativity through loneliness.


Pen Power

Sometimes I'd rather forget people and use a pen to vent;

Always willing to concent to invent.

Responsible for so many imporant messsages sent;

As long as I know that, I don't care if I make a cent.

Like any other great weapon it could be used for with bad intent;

Think about how many signatures have caused torment.

Where have all of the mightiest, righteous user's went?

I need you back to rise up and represent.

The pen always works one-hundred percent;

Especially when it comes to impriting my good feelings in your heart like cement.

The pen can be used for good and bad. It is just sad that so many people underestimate the power of this vast tool. It really does amaze me. Call me crazy, but my pen is my friend.


I'm still sceptical about twitter, to be honest. However, since some of us still use it we should connect. My badge is on the sidebar, as you could probably see. @RedeemArt

Lets connect!

Does the last matter most?

The last word of the first sentence matters so much;
The audience may listen, but will you make that touch.
Trying not to use it as a crutch.
Will you come through in the clutch?

I guess we'll find out.
If you trust the path of that word with no doubt;
It will have your work flowing like a spout.
Because even in the second lines that word is still your route;
With this word thing I'm devout;
It's certaintly something I cannot live without.
Maybe that's why I feel like I never have a drought;
And I will always follow throughout.

With this act;
No matter how high those odds are stacked.
With myself I made a pact;
I mean I am an artist. I look at everything as fact.
After all isn't this world abstract?


That disguise will be your demise

Be prepared to see the the eye's behind they're disguise;

Look right rhough those wanna be superheroes, but they're not in the skies.

They're where negativity lies;

And they all about lies.

Unlike you they don't have the supplies;

Just keep your eye's on the prize;

and don't ever pray for their demise

All I want you to do is realize;

Even if its a girl with nice thighs.

Most thing's seeming too beautiful are lies.

Maybe one day they'll get wise;

But just worry about that plan you will devise.

Let it take you high up, like a high rise.

Be careful with your ally's;

Scary thing is, sometimes you get lies from eyes.

I've seen pain come from the inside;

Then pain comes, when things divide.

Not too many will be left in the end to walk by your side.

So I be careful with who I confide.

I know sometimes it's hard to decide;

Life flow's quick. Look out for that tide.

Let the pain out, I know I never met a man who never cried.

And ever since my father died

I decided I had to make it worldwide;

But, I still could'nt get it to subside.

So, just worry about and watch your own side.

Keep your inner circle slim. I've been hurt many times in my life and I realize that not all friendship and bonds are forever. This is hard to face, but we must face facts. Facts are truth, and truth is art.



Open my eyes tonight

Praying my mind's allows me creative vision;

And hope that I have the power to split em up right, like division.

Pressure on my back while I'm trying to hit this with precision.

Writing is in re-writing, so expcect a revision;

All I can do is hope it's the right decision.

Sometimes I feel like I'm headed for a head on collision;

You know Art, it's on it's last breath. I have to give it a shot, and make an incision.

Hoping Hollywood doesn't try to put me in prison.

I'm just trying to tell the truth;

Just trying to hit a home run like Babe Ruth.

So I can help teach this beautiful bloom of youth.

Don't fear I'm on this like a sleuth

Art is collaboration. Just follow me and we'll all reveal the truth.


Film and better art classes in grade schools and highschools

Ever since I was little I was always interested in film. I pondered, why did they not offer film? Well that came to me in highschool. I think we need to put more emphasis in teaching our upcoming generations about all types of art. I just mention film, becuase we always had "art", which was drawing, and music.. which was barley even a class. This cirriculum is not taken all too seriously by the Board of Education. We need to make it "fun". Children pick up many things quick, as we all know. I feel, especially creativity, due to the vast imagination of a child. As I have mentioned art and creativity are important to this world in so many ways. Art changes the way we view the world... well it can, if it is impactful enough. I'm going to shut up now. I'm sure you guys got my point. I'm looking to start a charity to start getting the ball rolling on this. In these troubled times we must train our young children to be creative, so when they grow old they still have their imagination. They're going to need it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


To this world, what is your donation?
Trying to find salvation?
Find that fascination,
that's not about the compensation.
Always meet your expectations;
Keep a fixation.
Don't settle for less, and give in to temptaition;
Only hear your heart, and you can change a generation.
We need to start controlling our own brains, and stop using medecation.
If more don't realize I'm fearing long term termination;
I'm trying to plant the seed, but I'm not done with germenation.
Don't fear not having a revelation;
It comes when you least excpect it, on you darkest day filled with desperation.
A dream is an obligation.
I guess I'm trying to change the nation;
If you never quit then your ready for graduation.
Make this your combination.

I am speaking every artist, aspiriring entrepreneur, etc. out there. Don't dissapoint yourself and let down this world by not following your hopes and dreams. We're all here for a reason. However, not all of I figure it out. Art, and dreams is the most peacful war ever fought, and it's been going on the longest. A war we must continue to wage. Never give up. Always follow your dreams no matter the odds. Listen to your heart, not others. NEVER QUIT! DREAM ON ALL! Tell me what you guys think. Feedback is always good. I'm trying to hone my skills. I would also like to hear about YOUR DREAMS. What are they?


The first words will always reflect;
Reflect the way you envision and what from it you collect;
The power of word's is yours to respect
Until one day you look back and reflect
Hopefully it's not too late, and you can realize that perception has an affect
Remember, perceptions on yours to protect;
Giving you the confidence to perfect
Perception is in what will reflect;
My apologizes for being so direct

In this piece I am not just speaking of spoken word, which is equally important. I am trying to say the words in your mind affect the words coming out of your mouth, as well as your drive for your goals and ambitions in life. Words go through my head all day long. They affect the decisions you make throughout the day and throughout life. Which will effect your ultimate destination in this vast world. I know times are hard, I live in a single parent household. Be a strong, persistent, soulful and passionate person you will succeed in this world. I have no doubt I will over come the odds stacked against me in my life, and neither should you. Once you think lose it's too late. You already lost!

Redeem Art!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sleeping on it

Hey guys, I am abou to go to sleep. It's eleven in the morning here in New York City, and I still cannot manage to sleep. My constant creative train of thought keeps me up. That's why I'm leaving it up to the readers to leave me some suggestions, so I can relax my brain. I'm sure all of the creative people out there understand that NEED to create. I'm off to try and sleep. Good night, and again thanks for reading my work.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

To the Friends of Redeem Art

Thanks for helping with the cause. I promise I will check out and give you my opinion on your blog, as I would like the same. I know there is only of you, but you have made a difference in making me want to push forward. t's been about three months I think and I only have followers, but to me if I had only one I would still be grateful.. THANKS AGAIN GUYS...

Bloggers Unite For the Gulf

We must cease being an oil dependent nation at all costs. As much as I love petrol automobiles, I cannot risk having my children's lifetime's most likely in a good amount of danger. I'm not going to pretend I push very hard for the green movement, but I do one-hundred percent agree with it. Click this link and take two seconds to fill out three lines of information and help the Gulf.

Sensation of Art

When I'm down on my luck, I'm high on inspiration
That's probably why I feel the need to fill my obligation
Creating a formation of creation;
Trying to find salvation
Do it for the fascination, not the compensation
Meet your expectation;
Keep a fixation;
Make this your combination;
Combination for sensation

When I wrote this I wasn't specifically thinking of "Art", which to some isn't a broad term, but to me art can be anything. I plead to everyone who reads this, do what you love. Don't be pressured by someone else's thoughts or ideas. Follow your HEART. Since I was a young kid I always wanted to be all over the film industry, because something fascinated me about moving images from the time I was about nine or ten. It was never about the money to me. This is why so many American's today walk around with their hands on their eyes in frustration. You need to do what you love. I understand single parent situations, but barring a few groups. You must do what drives you. Our culture as a whole is decreasing at an alarming rate. Stress kills, but a clear heart and mind kills stress. It's not always easy to make it to that point, but it's about hard work at your "art". I don't feel like writing my film everyday, but I try my best. Just like you lest rep in the gym, push hard all day and you will receive you wishes, as long as you put your whole self into it. So, tell me, what are your dreams?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quality of Entertainment business headed downhill.

At this point it has come out that shows like "The HIlls" are fake, or at least set up and actions are pushed by the producers. People used to use television and films to escape, and I don't know about you but going to the theater and sitting in front of the television today makes me want to escape. It is truly sad. American's love films and music, but seemingly do not care about true art. Or maybe they accept it because they have no choice its all thats on television and on the big screen. I can't remember the last time I saw a great film, or at least one that has been shown any attention. Is it that we like crap in this country. Not for nothing, but how do we worship "celebrities" like Kristin Cavallari, and many others like her in reality television. I do not blame or hate on them. I hold the networks responsible. Reality TV is cheap to make. They pay these people little to nothing. Some seem overly self conscious they would be willing to do it for free. We show these people and this is what we idolize, people whose image is so easy to see through. The networks support bad talent in order to benefit financially. Maybe I was just young, with an under developed brain, but television from the 90's was much better, not as far as production quality, but more originality. Now it's the exact opposite. Art is dying, slowly. Our generation seems to have a crooked view on "talent" . Every other movie seems to be a remake, an obvious spinoff or an idea like "Saw", which to begin with was a great film. However, the money machine won again.. Of course there are still great films that come out today, but that are far, few and in-between. Guess what guys, like many of my other discussions I have had on here, it comes down to SELFISHNESS. They know people won't boycott television or films. We must start to support the internet television available, as well as independent films. We are allowing academically inclined people to run a creative "business".

My next topic is going to be music business related so I thought I would mention that we acknowledge people as mazing singers, when their live performances are, at most, mediocre. Technology plays a big role here. It's not the first time its proven to play a bad toll on society.


Prescription drugs to the rescue. Always the easy way out.

We're all full of shit. We seem to lie to ourselves, and for no apparent reason. Meth-amphetamines have been used for treatment of ADD/ADHD since the 90's. A study from the University of Texas states "Ritalin and Adderall are closely related to illegal "street" drugs, including dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine, or "dexies"), methamphetamine ("crystal meth") and cocaine." Are we really giving this crap to our kids? Then turn around and yell at them for smoking Marijuana. The pace of this country must slow, or we will fail in the end. I don't have to go into the healthcare system in this country, because it is a topic which is beaten to death. The massive finances of Big Phram, thanks to us  buying into their crap. Those finances are what keeps this horrible epidemic rolling. I fully understand some need these medications, for bi-polar, schizophrenia, OCD, etc. However, our doctors over prescribe medications today. PARENTS NEED TO LEARN HHOW TO USE GOOGLE. There are many non-prescription ways to help depression, anxiety, ADD and ADHD. However no one gives it a shot. I am a firm believer that depression and anxiety can be treated without medication. I'm not sure it even exists. After my fathers death I came upon these to "problems". I felt like I wasn't in reality. At the time I was 5 and I just wanted help, so my mother took me to the Psychiatrist. He prescribed me xanax (under twenty-one?) and zoloft. I felt lifeless. I was not happy, nor was I unhappy. I was felt like I was in my own zone. After I began to google and research these meds and saw the dangers, I brought it up to my doctor. He seemed very offended and insisted to my mother that I was immature and I should continue on the meds. Frustrated, I took myself off the medication, which I later learned that it was dangerous to stop taking psychoactive drugs "cold turkey". For example if you stop taking xanax after abusing it, without medical supervision, you may suffer from a seizure. I'm not sure why many parent's who give there children these drugs, such as xanax or adderall, become addicts later in life. After all you are taught that a pill is the "CURE". I could rant on, but parents out there, please be careful and make educated decisions. Use the internet to it's advantage. Just because a doctor is a doctor, certainty doesn't mean he is always right. These drugs can cause long term addiction to drugs, brain damage. After-all most of it messes with your brain's chemicals like dopamine and seratonin. Finally, I could rant on for hours, but I want one ting to be known. I am not judging, only trying to help. By the way, due to the fact that "WE" bought into the system, flooding the market making it known that many Doctors feed into the selling of prescription drugs sold on the street. I'm not sure about the whole thing with Microsoft Bing, but it's below in the work cited. Final link.
Work Cited Below:> -Long term side-effects of Rialin, and other meth-amphetamine ADD/ADHD drugs.
- University of Texas study.

Friday, May 21, 2010


It is no coincidence the United States did not perform this study. In this country money is everything, even though it always destroys lives. Doctors receive incentives from Big Pharm for pushing their drugs. You can read it for yourself below. I don't even want to get into the long term side-effects of drugs like Xanax, Precacet, Oxycodone, and other narcotics. It's time to stand up for what's is right in this country. Exhausted. Going to sleep. Next time I will get into the long term side effects of these drugs as well, and they don't even benefit us. THAT'S ALL FOR NOW. (SORRY ABOUT FAULTY LINK. COPY AND PASTE.)


I feel like the government or whatever higher power there is (not speaking of a god) trying to kill us off. The more and more I hear the more believe this. Companies take life insurance policies on their employees. I don't know about you, but reaping benefit from a human beings death is disturbing, disrespectful, and a whole lot of other words I cannot think of... SELFISH.

Selfishness is the root of all, well most evil. Wow I'm still ranting. The people selling the drugs are selfish and the addicts (narcotics scripts) are selfish for choosing the drug over their loved ones. Trust me my father died from a similar cause.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The next step

Just letting everyone know I'm trying to expand the blog. I now have a link to my face book, as well as my twitter.I haven't put up much content lately, because I've been busy writing my film. If anyone has suggestions or ideas let me know... SHORT FILMS COMING SOON. GOODNIGHT ALL

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hypnotized by another soul

This isn’t technically a work of poetry, but more an abstract thought. We’re all told to follow what we’re taught. Being a young artist, entrepreneur or anything that sounds improbable, that rope is going to be quite taught. Prepare for the wars against resistance and the battles to be fought. Just chase what it is  you sought. It’s worth it just think about the thought, let your heart talk, don’t get distraught.

All I want to do is let my wings spread. Shame that all the blood sweet and tears you shed only lead you to dread. But, the blinders in your head, makes you scared to believe in my stead. They fail to see the mind set that cuts though challenges like an ax head. Believe, I am not searching for that bread. Instead I search for what’s ahead, and how I’m going to get fed. Steady focused in my head tearing though every thread I’m listening to what my heart said. 

Never follow another’s path most are stuck in their past present and future. Some wish they were dead to get rid of the dread? Realize misery is mislead misery is mislead. No reason to spread the dread ; Sadly it’s widespread.

Its hard to wake up when you don’t have a dream. If you stand still you’ll be sent downstream

Love is important, but it’s tough to pick a team. Be careful, some scheme and aren’t as they seem

No self esteem?! What else are you trying to scheme? Stop focusing on me, and focus like a laser beam!

Stop writing in lead and use permanent ink. Follow your passion, let your heart think

Forewarning, the brain adapts to your surroundings who insure you of the link. That’s what THEY think. Nothing is for sure, so follow your heart without a blink. Follow someone else and I bet your ship will sink. All because you had to stay in sync. 


To everyone out there any age, any color, and any surroundings. Use the much unused positive energy in this world. You still have a chance. Don't get hypnotized by another's soul. Cloudy vision will steer away from your goal. 


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Golden opportunity

Stuck on the mountain's edge, trying to keep a hold;
Don't look down, the dream is yours to withhold.
Be bold, make sure the story is told. 
Never fold once the dice are rolled;
Don't look for the gold and you will receive tenfold. 

Look for glory only in the soul;
Don't make it a game of control.
Not too fast, life is not a race. Stroll.
Observe all you can and make it your own, let it take control.
So, when you reach your goal you will fell as a whole.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Death wish (D.O.A)

The drug... hypnotic
Makes you astronautic, so erotic
A love affair gone bad...Psychotic

It'll make you feel so alive
Feel like you may arrive;
False. You may survive;
Let alone still strive
For your goals. You'll be lucky to survive
Trust me, it's not as you may contrive
Nose dive, as the paramedics arrive
He would turn to the ones you love and say, "I tried, but he just wouldn't revive."
It's not so bad... You've been waiting too long to arrive.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Life is a brawl.
Get hit with a hard shot, get ready to fall.
Like you hit all wall, you'll stall,
Times seems to stall, held enthral.
It's now or never;
Walk or crawl!
Above all, walk tall;
All in all this shit is a ground ball.

Not baseball, but it's a game;
Don't blink, keep your aim.
Before you think become see became.
Proclaim your name and see shame in fame,
But lay claim with after all you over came
As long as you don't take the picture out of the frame, you'll achieve acclaim.

Head so high I see bird's eye; 
Facing the blue sky
Resistance? Deny to reply;
Only with the third eye, a rule I live by.
Right hook, when they ask why and you turn awry.
Many will deny, don't sigh, just defy.
Far cry? I'll barely get by?
I could see through this world with a glass eye.
Inside information like a spy, but I just use my minds eye.
Scared, because with or without an alibi or an ally, I can still get by

All I do is evade, and I still cut like a blade.
When they invade release the grenade, so the cascade can cover all those who betrayed.
Once the battle is won, don't forget the crusade.
Always remember over the hill lies another brigade.


They turn their backs thinking irrationality;
So I hold my ground facing the truth
I see practicality.

Everyone thinks I'm lost, but I'm just working slowly though the maze,
Because in darkness it's easer to see a blaze.
I respect the face of dismay,
But I've seen many a dark day

Mirror your soul. Reflect, but not for respect.
Effect and connect, but never direct.

A world wide conciliation;
Concentration from the whole nation.
Just for the love of giving them that sensation;
I'm speaking of that vibration, that elation away from frustration.
All I'm trying to do is make a small donation toward the salvation foundation.

Monday, February 8, 2010

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- "No one will ever believe you if you told them, because all of the best ideas have to be forced upon people before they can be grateful for the outcome" That is the best advice I could give myself tonight, and t any other artist. I constantly cannot sleep, but it is because when I am finally alone at home, and silence begins my, thoughts begin to spin. I see the pen and the pad and I write, but without constant persistence you will never see a final film completed the way you envisioned it, because film is about focusing every moment. Sometimes I feel lost, but it is the negative times that inspire me to make positive turns on my journey. Some things are better left misunderstood. 


The walls are closing in. Unspotted. Look up, black ceilings.
See someone who shares your feelings -Who's reeling?
But is she stealing?

No - I mean Mary Jane, when she's solo on the choir. 
My brain turns on an extra wire
Thoughts so dire they go on fire;
Leaving me with the need to acquire

Change your mind-state;
allow it to conjugate 
Some words say make them irate;
No need for a debate, jest let them hate
Hold on until you reach the pearly gate;
To meet your soul-mate

Friday, February 5, 2010


Realize the social lies;
Even those who are wise and close their eyes, will still hear the cries
Snake eyes is usually a prize, but not when behind a guise;
I'm speaking of the one who doesn't understand the why's
Lies open skies that bring demise and goodbyes
He will not revise, because he only knows how to remise

Lies cause wars to be fought;
All over what someone thought
Still a lesson WE were never taught;
It was all for naught

It's trend that will always transcend 
A vague plague that will eventually bring the end;
WE can't even contend, or extend 
The only truth left is if we all ascend;
Because, at least we'll all be there to share the end.
It's just something I'l never apprehend. 

- Mike Cooper


You're like the rarest gem, to which nothing can compare;
Your eyes have that glare, yet you're so unaware 
Like a breath of fresh air, you make me look like a blare
Love is unfair;
A despair which is hard to repair

Rarity comes at a very high price;
Should you roll the dice?
Will you be suffice? 
To be precise and concise; 
I probably should have thought twice
But you make my heart pound like an acoustic device.

When I see your eyes I see a world I want to be a part of;
Bring peace to my heart like a beautiful dove
For me it's true love, without a shove;
We would fit like a glove
But still I'm stuck doing the labor of love

You turn me away, even though I know you're heart is a bouquet;
Every rose has thorns that will make you run astray
I would give it all for one taste of that sweet monet

- Mike Cooper

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The man who wanted to be found

Eyes crooked
Feelings vented from the windows uncovered
Trusted, guided, and comforted
But I'm hated, because it's all tainted

   Should have never flirted, and I would have never lost my grounding.
All of the aching and heart breaking;
Wait, I'm dazing, drowning, dwelling, drowsing, flying;
Now I'm doubting, because there's no more guarding

   Finally free, where I'm supposed to be;
Breezy and carefree
No one watching closely;
Because they're all praying the rosary

- Mike Cooper


I'd like you to read this next one as if it were yourself:

Am I really a man with the with a unique plan?;
      Too late my idea's already in the can
       Will Doubt keep me where I began?
Will I be able to travel the span?

   Too late I blinked and missed a frame
                     Missed my aim;
             Thinking about what I could have became
              All because I tried to play the game;
    Tried to put the picture in without the frame
        There is only one name to blame

              Questions from others affected me;
     Pressuring me into what to be, and it's not even me
Now I'm left to clean up the debris
I should have known only the king can decree
When I looked in the mirror I turned to flee;
I just wanted everyone to agree
   All along I should have heard ME

- Mike Cooper

MS: Weakness of a warrior


I always say keep your head up and your eyes focused with a thousand mile stare; I'm not sure I can prepare or bare to see someone in a wheelchair, for whom I care
The one who gave me the right to breathe air;
I feel like I'll always be unaware
But I know you'll always be there;
In my prayer, my tear and in the thin air

When life blind-sides I'm ready with the pen
You would be surprised it can fill a void you never thought could be filled again
It's my light when I'm navigating the dark glenn ;
On my way to my private opium den
I just don't know if I'm ready to say Amen

- Mike Cooper

WHy not?

Don't think this is just about Pro Marijuana. It is just a current issue. My mother suffers from MS, but Medical Marijuana is unavailable in New York City still. Is this not enough information, besides what you can find on google: Marijuana Facts and Myths. This is just one of the many that caught my eye.

"Many MS patients report that cannabis has a startling and profound effect on muscle spasms, tremors, balance, bladder control, speech and eyesight. Many wheelchair-bound patients report that they can walk unaided when they have smoked cannabis."

- Dr. Denis Petro, M.D. (Neurologist)


I'm looking forward to finishing the treatment for my film, which involves much of what my poetry covers. Just to throw it in there, I'm taking acting classes as well. The general idea of this blog, as well as our facebook group: Redeem Art. Redeem Life, is to reach out to the younger(and older) generation and revive the slow paced heart beat of art during these times. Slowly true art is fading in America, as well as around the world. Help by doing your part and fighting RESISTANCE as an artist. I believe one of the main problems in our world today is there is not strong enough art, with strong enough meaning and no one seems to be intervening. I know ALL OF YOU TRUE ARTIST'S ARE OUT THERE. CONTACT ME.

I'd love to hear your poems, see your films, or other art, as well as hear your stories of resistance.


Why not green, because of the machine?

    It's okay to buy grapes, but not grass
     Will the ignorance ever surpass?
Why can't we see through the one sided glass?
         Because it is filled?
The white grapes - so savory;
            Unleashing the shackles of slavery
                  Even a false feeling of bravery

                    The white dove of peace
         The lord's blood claims the priest
                     Years later it could become a caprice
                Have no fear it won't bother the police

Years later I discovered a girl named Mary Jane;
Sweet as a candy cane
    THEY say it will destroy my brain, but I'm in my own domain
              Why the lies? Are they scared WE just might get a brain?;
                   A society they cannot contain?

              No worries. No more revolutions that was the past;
              When Jimmy Hendrix was on solo blast
                    Sudden Blindness? How long will it last?
                      This is a story and where all in the cast

    Now the revolutionaries are done;
                 They've said amen.
               They'll never doing it again;
Even though the time is in their face like Big Ben

Dare live  in a great world surrounded by trees that shadow the bright light
         Ignite the flame and to your delight your mind might send you an invite
              A dark world seems bright;
               All seems right
                 No one is effected, yet everyone's is still uptight 
                The government is hoping for a blight;
       They better be ready for a fight.

Why not green, because of the machine?

- Mike

Cynical Psychiatrist

Living where I do prescription pills are a problem, as they are in most parts of the world. To some it seems okay to take "medication", which in MOST conditions is not necessary. I believe there are people in this world who need anti depressants like Xanax and pain killers like Percacet, but it should not be available on call. Thank you to all the TRUE GREAT doctors out there for all of your beautiful work.

The mind of a prevaricator makes for an easy read;
No need to heed
No need to mislead someone who is willing to concede
With his mind on greed;
You're mind he'll read
No good advice, just plating a seed;
That grows as fast as speed;
He's giving it to our kid's and we agreed

The doctor always knows the cure;
Even if it fails his demure is sure to make you feel secure;
Remember, he's an entrepreneur

Sending you downhill as he instills the will, so he can make his dollar bill
Cash only, even though you can't pay your electric bill;
All over a pill that you advised, which lies still
You thought it would fulfill;
Until your next refill
Realize that you must work for good will;
Otherwise, open your will, because you're just another victim of a pill mill.

- Mike


The following poem has to do with feeling abandoned. When you're father dies from drug abuse you feel abandonment, but heres how I got past it, as can you. 



If abandonment is by you're side you may be cold, but you are not alone
If you take the leap and ascertain not to throw the stone;
Then you may reach the thrown.
For it is when left alone we must create a vision of our own
When we learn unique means alone;
The unknown deep, dark cyclone, reveals a slight aroma of cologne
The reward - A vision of your own

You will learn, if without a guess you believe in likeliness
then you are sure to address and suppress the stress
So you can no longer obsess 
Just let the rest be the rest;
And there's your key to success

- Mike