Monday, February 8, 2010

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- "No one will ever believe you if you told them, because all of the best ideas have to be forced upon people before they can be grateful for the outcome" That is the best advice I could give myself tonight, and t any other artist. I constantly cannot sleep, but it is because when I am finally alone at home, and silence begins my, thoughts begin to spin. I see the pen and the pad and I write, but without constant persistence you will never see a final film completed the way you envisioned it, because film is about focusing every moment. Sometimes I feel lost, but it is the negative times that inspire me to make positive turns on my journey. Some things are better left misunderstood. 


The walls are closing in. Unspotted. Look up, black ceilings.
See someone who shares your feelings -Who's reeling?
But is she stealing?

No - I mean Mary Jane, when she's solo on the choir. 
My brain turns on an extra wire
Thoughts so dire they go on fire;
Leaving me with the need to acquire

Change your mind-state;
allow it to conjugate 
Some words say make them irate;
No need for a debate, jest let them hate
Hold on until you reach the pearly gate;
To meet your soul-mate

Friday, February 5, 2010


Realize the social lies;
Even those who are wise and close their eyes, will still hear the cries
Snake eyes is usually a prize, but not when behind a guise;
I'm speaking of the one who doesn't understand the why's
Lies open skies that bring demise and goodbyes
He will not revise, because he only knows how to remise

Lies cause wars to be fought;
All over what someone thought
Still a lesson WE were never taught;
It was all for naught

It's trend that will always transcend 
A vague plague that will eventually bring the end;
WE can't even contend, or extend 
The only truth left is if we all ascend;
Because, at least we'll all be there to share the end.
It's just something I'l never apprehend. 

- Mike Cooper


You're like the rarest gem, to which nothing can compare;
Your eyes have that glare, yet you're so unaware 
Like a breath of fresh air, you make me look like a blare
Love is unfair;
A despair which is hard to repair

Rarity comes at a very high price;
Should you roll the dice?
Will you be suffice? 
To be precise and concise; 
I probably should have thought twice
But you make my heart pound like an acoustic device.

When I see your eyes I see a world I want to be a part of;
Bring peace to my heart like a beautiful dove
For me it's true love, without a shove;
We would fit like a glove
But still I'm stuck doing the labor of love

You turn me away, even though I know you're heart is a bouquet;
Every rose has thorns that will make you run astray
I would give it all for one taste of that sweet monet

- Mike Cooper

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The man who wanted to be found

Eyes crooked
Feelings vented from the windows uncovered
Trusted, guided, and comforted
But I'm hated, because it's all tainted

   Should have never flirted, and I would have never lost my grounding.
All of the aching and heart breaking;
Wait, I'm dazing, drowning, dwelling, drowsing, flying;
Now I'm doubting, because there's no more guarding

   Finally free, where I'm supposed to be;
Breezy and carefree
No one watching closely;
Because they're all praying the rosary

- Mike Cooper


I'd like you to read this next one as if it were yourself:

Am I really a man with the with a unique plan?;
      Too late my idea's already in the can
       Will Doubt keep me where I began?
Will I be able to travel the span?

   Too late I blinked and missed a frame
                     Missed my aim;
             Thinking about what I could have became
              All because I tried to play the game;
    Tried to put the picture in without the frame
        There is only one name to blame

              Questions from others affected me;
     Pressuring me into what to be, and it's not even me
Now I'm left to clean up the debris
I should have known only the king can decree
When I looked in the mirror I turned to flee;
I just wanted everyone to agree
   All along I should have heard ME

- Mike Cooper

MS: Weakness of a warrior


I always say keep your head up and your eyes focused with a thousand mile stare; I'm not sure I can prepare or bare to see someone in a wheelchair, for whom I care
The one who gave me the right to breathe air;
I feel like I'll always be unaware
But I know you'll always be there;
In my prayer, my tear and in the thin air

When life blind-sides I'm ready with the pen
You would be surprised it can fill a void you never thought could be filled again
It's my light when I'm navigating the dark glenn ;
On my way to my private opium den
I just don't know if I'm ready to say Amen

- Mike Cooper

WHy not?

Don't think this is just about Pro Marijuana. It is just a current issue. My mother suffers from MS, but Medical Marijuana is unavailable in New York City still. Is this not enough information, besides what you can find on google: Marijuana Facts and Myths. This is just one of the many that caught my eye.

"Many MS patients report that cannabis has a startling and profound effect on muscle spasms, tremors, balance, bladder control, speech and eyesight. Many wheelchair-bound patients report that they can walk unaided when they have smoked cannabis."

- Dr. Denis Petro, M.D. (Neurologist)


I'm looking forward to finishing the treatment for my film, which involves much of what my poetry covers. Just to throw it in there, I'm taking acting classes as well. The general idea of this blog, as well as our facebook group: Redeem Art. Redeem Life, is to reach out to the younger(and older) generation and revive the slow paced heart beat of art during these times. Slowly true art is fading in America, as well as around the world. Help by doing your part and fighting RESISTANCE as an artist. I believe one of the main problems in our world today is there is not strong enough art, with strong enough meaning and no one seems to be intervening. I know ALL OF YOU TRUE ARTIST'S ARE OUT THERE. CONTACT ME.

I'd love to hear your poems, see your films, or other art, as well as hear your stories of resistance.


Why not green, because of the machine?

    It's okay to buy grapes, but not grass
     Will the ignorance ever surpass?
Why can't we see through the one sided glass?
         Because it is filled?
The white grapes - so savory;
            Unleashing the shackles of slavery
                  Even a false feeling of bravery

                    The white dove of peace
         The lord's blood claims the priest
                     Years later it could become a caprice
                Have no fear it won't bother the police

Years later I discovered a girl named Mary Jane;
Sweet as a candy cane
    THEY say it will destroy my brain, but I'm in my own domain
              Why the lies? Are they scared WE just might get a brain?;
                   A society they cannot contain?

              No worries. No more revolutions that was the past;
              When Jimmy Hendrix was on solo blast
                    Sudden Blindness? How long will it last?
                      This is a story and where all in the cast

    Now the revolutionaries are done;
                 They've said amen.
               They'll never doing it again;
Even though the time is in their face like Big Ben

Dare live  in a great world surrounded by trees that shadow the bright light
         Ignite the flame and to your delight your mind might send you an invite
              A dark world seems bright;
               All seems right
                 No one is effected, yet everyone's is still uptight 
                The government is hoping for a blight;
       They better be ready for a fight.

Why not green, because of the machine?

- Mike

Cynical Psychiatrist

Living where I do prescription pills are a problem, as they are in most parts of the world. To some it seems okay to take "medication", which in MOST conditions is not necessary. I believe there are people in this world who need anti depressants like Xanax and pain killers like Percacet, but it should not be available on call. Thank you to all the TRUE GREAT doctors out there for all of your beautiful work.

The mind of a prevaricator makes for an easy read;
No need to heed
No need to mislead someone who is willing to concede
With his mind on greed;
You're mind he'll read
No good advice, just plating a seed;
That grows as fast as speed;
He's giving it to our kid's and we agreed

The doctor always knows the cure;
Even if it fails his demure is sure to make you feel secure;
Remember, he's an entrepreneur

Sending you downhill as he instills the will, so he can make his dollar bill
Cash only, even though you can't pay your electric bill;
All over a pill that you advised, which lies still
You thought it would fulfill;
Until your next refill
Realize that you must work for good will;
Otherwise, open your will, because you're just another victim of a pill mill.

- Mike


The following poem has to do with feeling abandoned. When you're father dies from drug abuse you feel abandonment, but heres how I got past it, as can you. 



If abandonment is by you're side you may be cold, but you are not alone
If you take the leap and ascertain not to throw the stone;
Then you may reach the thrown.
For it is when left alone we must create a vision of our own
When we learn unique means alone;
The unknown deep, dark cyclone, reveals a slight aroma of cologne
The reward - A vision of your own

You will learn, if without a guess you believe in likeliness
then you are sure to address and suppress the stress
So you can no longer obsess 
Just let the rest be the rest;
And there's your key to success

- Mike

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When is once?

I wanted to start off this blog with a poem that I wrote about my view on life and my dream as an artist. My name is Mike Cooper and I am a 21 year old native New York City artist, who is fighting against the resistance of the apparently blind world. I recently picked up poetry, my background is writing and filmmaking. However I it helps me get past the pain in my life, and makes for a great writing exercise. I lost my father when I was fifteen and he always told me to follow my dreams, and that is why I close my ears to the world, keep my eyes open, and leave my life to the pen.


With many ways of describing the debris
When your heart floats as deep as the sea
When you can believe with no guarantee;
Then you will see.
The most difficult roads are those crossed
When so many are worried about cost, and at what cost?
When everything seems to be so embossed
They sit there with their eyes closed
When then happens they'll see what's within
to see where the journey will begin
When they see past the artificial skin;
and question the actual sin
Then the journey will begin
Always prepare for the truth to depart 
Trust me, this is coming from a bleeding heart
The pain is the start
Just when your world begins to to fall apart
That is when it will start, because pain is just a work of abstract art.