Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I'd like you to read this next one as if it were yourself:

Am I really a man with the with a unique plan?;
      Too late my idea's already in the can
       Will Doubt keep me where I began?
Will I be able to travel the span?

   Too late I blinked and missed a frame
                     Missed my aim;
             Thinking about what I could have became
              All because I tried to play the game;
    Tried to put the picture in without the frame
        There is only one name to blame

              Questions from others affected me;
     Pressuring me into what to be, and it's not even me
Now I'm left to clean up the debris
I should have known only the king can decree
When I looked in the mirror I turned to flee;
I just wanted everyone to agree
   All along I should have heard ME

- Mike Cooper

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