Friday, February 5, 2010


You're like the rarest gem, to which nothing can compare;
Your eyes have that glare, yet you're so unaware 
Like a breath of fresh air, you make me look like a blare
Love is unfair;
A despair which is hard to repair

Rarity comes at a very high price;
Should you roll the dice?
Will you be suffice? 
To be precise and concise; 
I probably should have thought twice
But you make my heart pound like an acoustic device.

When I see your eyes I see a world I want to be a part of;
Bring peace to my heart like a beautiful dove
For me it's true love, without a shove;
We would fit like a glove
But still I'm stuck doing the labor of love

You turn me away, even though I know you're heart is a bouquet;
Every rose has thorns that will make you run astray
I would give it all for one taste of that sweet monet

- Mike Cooper

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