Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cynical Psychiatrist

Living where I do prescription pills are a problem, as they are in most parts of the world. To some it seems okay to take "medication", which in MOST conditions is not necessary. I believe there are people in this world who need anti depressants like Xanax and pain killers like Percacet, but it should not be available on call. Thank you to all the TRUE GREAT doctors out there for all of your beautiful work.

The mind of a prevaricator makes for an easy read;
No need to heed
No need to mislead someone who is willing to concede
With his mind on greed;
You're mind he'll read
No good advice, just plating a seed;
That grows as fast as speed;
He's giving it to our kid's and we agreed

The doctor always knows the cure;
Even if it fails his demure is sure to make you feel secure;
Remember, he's an entrepreneur

Sending you downhill as he instills the will, so he can make his dollar bill
Cash only, even though you can't pay your electric bill;
All over a pill that you advised, which lies still
You thought it would fulfill;
Until your next refill
Realize that you must work for good will;
Otherwise, open your will, because you're just another victim of a pill mill.

- Mike

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