Friday, February 5, 2010


Realize the social lies;
Even those who are wise and close their eyes, will still hear the cries
Snake eyes is usually a prize, but not when behind a guise;
I'm speaking of the one who doesn't understand the why's
Lies open skies that bring demise and goodbyes
He will not revise, because he only knows how to remise

Lies cause wars to be fought;
All over what someone thought
Still a lesson WE were never taught;
It was all for naught

It's trend that will always transcend 
A vague plague that will eventually bring the end;
WE can't even contend, or extend 
The only truth left is if we all ascend;
Because, at least we'll all be there to share the end.
It's just something I'l never apprehend. 

- Mike Cooper


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