Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When is once?

I wanted to start off this blog with a poem that I wrote about my view on life and my dream as an artist. My name is Mike Cooper and I am a 21 year old native New York City artist, who is fighting against the resistance of the apparently blind world. I recently picked up poetry, my background is writing and filmmaking. However I it helps me get past the pain in my life, and makes for a great writing exercise. I lost my father when I was fifteen and he always told me to follow my dreams, and that is why I close my ears to the world, keep my eyes open, and leave my life to the pen.


With many ways of describing the debris
When your heart floats as deep as the sea
When you can believe with no guarantee;
Then you will see.
The most difficult roads are those crossed
When so many are worried about cost, and at what cost?
When everything seems to be so embossed
They sit there with their eyes closed
When then happens they'll see what's within
to see where the journey will begin
When they see past the artificial skin;
and question the actual sin
Then the journey will begin
Always prepare for the truth to depart 
Trust me, this is coming from a bleeding heart
The pain is the start
Just when your world begins to to fall apart
That is when it will start, because pain is just a work of abstract art. 



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