Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why not green, because of the machine?

    It's okay to buy grapes, but not grass
     Will the ignorance ever surpass?
Why can't we see through the one sided glass?
         Because it is filled?
The white grapes - so savory;
            Unleashing the shackles of slavery
                  Even a false feeling of bravery

                    The white dove of peace
         The lord's blood claims the priest
                     Years later it could become a caprice
                Have no fear it won't bother the police

Years later I discovered a girl named Mary Jane;
Sweet as a candy cane
    THEY say it will destroy my brain, but I'm in my own domain
              Why the lies? Are they scared WE just might get a brain?;
                   A society they cannot contain?

              No worries. No more revolutions that was the past;
              When Jimmy Hendrix was on solo blast
                    Sudden Blindness? How long will it last?
                      This is a story and where all in the cast

    Now the revolutionaries are done;
                 They've said amen.
               They'll never doing it again;
Even though the time is in their face like Big Ben

Dare live  in a great world surrounded by trees that shadow the bright light
         Ignite the flame and to your delight your mind might send you an invite
              A dark world seems bright;
               All seems right
                 No one is effected, yet everyone's is still uptight 
                The government is hoping for a blight;
       They better be ready for a fight.

Why not green, because of the machine?

- Mike

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