Thursday, March 11, 2010

Golden opportunity

Stuck on the mountain's edge, trying to keep a hold;
Don't look down, the dream is yours to withhold.
Be bold, make sure the story is told. 
Never fold once the dice are rolled;
Don't look for the gold and you will receive tenfold. 

Look for glory only in the soul;
Don't make it a game of control.
Not too fast, life is not a race. Stroll.
Observe all you can and make it your own, let it take control.
So, when you reach your goal you will fell as a whole.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Death wish (D.O.A)

The drug... hypnotic
Makes you astronautic, so erotic
A love affair gone bad...Psychotic

It'll make you feel so alive
Feel like you may arrive;
False. You may survive;
Let alone still strive
For your goals. You'll be lucky to survive
Trust me, it's not as you may contrive
Nose dive, as the paramedics arrive
He would turn to the ones you love and say, "I tried, but he just wouldn't revive."
It's not so bad... You've been waiting too long to arrive.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Life is a brawl.
Get hit with a hard shot, get ready to fall.
Like you hit all wall, you'll stall,
Times seems to stall, held enthral.
It's now or never;
Walk or crawl!
Above all, walk tall;
All in all this shit is a ground ball.

Not baseball, but it's a game;
Don't blink, keep your aim.
Before you think become see became.
Proclaim your name and see shame in fame,
But lay claim with after all you over came
As long as you don't take the picture out of the frame, you'll achieve acclaim.

Head so high I see bird's eye; 
Facing the blue sky
Resistance? Deny to reply;
Only with the third eye, a rule I live by.
Right hook, when they ask why and you turn awry.
Many will deny, don't sigh, just defy.
Far cry? I'll barely get by?
I could see through this world with a glass eye.
Inside information like a spy, but I just use my minds eye.
Scared, because with or without an alibi or an ally, I can still get by

All I do is evade, and I still cut like a blade.
When they invade release the grenade, so the cascade can cover all those who betrayed.
Once the battle is won, don't forget the crusade.
Always remember over the hill lies another brigade.


They turn their backs thinking irrationality;
So I hold my ground facing the truth
I see practicality.

Everyone thinks I'm lost, but I'm just working slowly though the maze,
Because in darkness it's easer to see a blaze.
I respect the face of dismay,
But I've seen many a dark day

Mirror your soul. Reflect, but not for respect.
Effect and connect, but never direct.

A world wide conciliation;
Concentration from the whole nation.
Just for the love of giving them that sensation;
I'm speaking of that vibration, that elation away from frustration.
All I'm trying to do is make a small donation toward the salvation foundation.