Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quality of Entertainment business headed downhill.

At this point it has come out that shows like "The HIlls" are fake, or at least set up and actions are pushed by the producers. People used to use television and films to escape, and I don't know about you but going to the theater and sitting in front of the television today makes me want to escape. It is truly sad. American's love films and music, but seemingly do not care about true art. Or maybe they accept it because they have no choice its all thats on television and on the big screen. I can't remember the last time I saw a great film, or at least one that has been shown any attention. Is it that we like crap in this country. Not for nothing, but how do we worship "celebrities" like Kristin Cavallari, and many others like her in reality television. I do not blame or hate on them. I hold the networks responsible. Reality TV is cheap to make. They pay these people little to nothing. Some seem overly self conscious they would be willing to do it for free. We show these people and this is what we idolize, people whose image is so easy to see through. The networks support bad talent in order to benefit financially. Maybe I was just young, with an under developed brain, but television from the 90's was much better, not as far as production quality, but more originality. Now it's the exact opposite. Art is dying, slowly. Our generation seems to have a crooked view on "talent" . Every other movie seems to be a remake, an obvious spinoff or an idea like "Saw", which to begin with was a great film. However, the money machine won again.. Of course there are still great films that come out today, but that are far, few and in-between. Guess what guys, like many of my other discussions I have had on here, it comes down to SELFISHNESS. They know people won't boycott television or films. We must start to support the internet television available, as well as independent films. We are allowing academically inclined people to run a creative "business".

My next topic is going to be music business related so I thought I would mention that we acknowledge people as mazing singers, when their live performances are, at most, mediocre. Technology plays a big role here. It's not the first time its proven to play a bad toll on society.


Prescription drugs to the rescue. Always the easy way out.

We're all full of shit. We seem to lie to ourselves, and for no apparent reason. Meth-amphetamines have been used for treatment of ADD/ADHD since the 90's. A study from the University of Texas states "Ritalin and Adderall are closely related to illegal "street" drugs, including dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine, or "dexies"), methamphetamine ("crystal meth") and cocaine." Are we really giving this crap to our kids? Then turn around and yell at them for smoking Marijuana. The pace of this country must slow, or we will fail in the end. I don't have to go into the healthcare system in this country, because it is a topic which is beaten to death. The massive finances of Big Phram, thanks to us  buying into their crap. Those finances are what keeps this horrible epidemic rolling. I fully understand some need these medications, for bi-polar, schizophrenia, OCD, etc. However, our doctors over prescribe medications today. PARENTS NEED TO LEARN HHOW TO USE GOOGLE. There are many non-prescription ways to help depression, anxiety, ADD and ADHD. However no one gives it a shot. I am a firm believer that depression and anxiety can be treated without medication. I'm not sure it even exists. After my fathers death I came upon these to "problems". I felt like I wasn't in reality. At the time I was 5 and I just wanted help, so my mother took me to the Psychiatrist. He prescribed me xanax (under twenty-one?) and zoloft. I felt lifeless. I was not happy, nor was I unhappy. I was felt like I was in my own zone. After I began to google and research these meds and saw the dangers, I brought it up to my doctor. He seemed very offended and insisted to my mother that I was immature and I should continue on the meds. Frustrated, I took myself off the medication, which I later learned that it was dangerous to stop taking psychoactive drugs "cold turkey". For example if you stop taking xanax after abusing it, without medical supervision, you may suffer from a seizure. I'm not sure why many parent's who give there children these drugs, such as xanax or adderall, become addicts later in life. After all you are taught that a pill is the "CURE". I could rant on, but parents out there, please be careful and make educated decisions. Use the internet to it's advantage. Just because a doctor is a doctor, certainty doesn't mean he is always right. These drugs can cause long term addiction to drugs, brain damage. After-all most of it messes with your brain's chemicals like dopamine and seratonin. Finally, I could rant on for hours, but I want one ting to be known. I am not judging, only trying to help. By the way, due to the fact that "WE" bought into the system, flooding the market making it known that many Doctors feed into the selling of prescription drugs sold on the street. I'm not sure about the whole thing with Microsoft Bing, but it's below in the work cited. Final link.
Work Cited Below:> -Long term side-effects of Rialin, and other meth-amphetamine ADD/ADHD drugs.
- University of Texas study.

Friday, May 21, 2010


It is no coincidence the United States did not perform this study. In this country money is everything, even though it always destroys lives. Doctors receive incentives from Big Pharm for pushing their drugs. You can read it for yourself below. I don't even want to get into the long term side-effects of drugs like Xanax, Precacet, Oxycodone, and other narcotics. It's time to stand up for what's is right in this country. Exhausted. Going to sleep. Next time I will get into the long term side effects of these drugs as well, and they don't even benefit us. THAT'S ALL FOR NOW. (SORRY ABOUT FAULTY LINK. COPY AND PASTE.)


I feel like the government or whatever higher power there is (not speaking of a god) trying to kill us off. The more and more I hear the more believe this. Companies take life insurance policies on their employees. I don't know about you, but reaping benefit from a human beings death is disturbing, disrespectful, and a whole lot of other words I cannot think of... SELFISH.

Selfishness is the root of all, well most evil. Wow I'm still ranting. The people selling the drugs are selfish and the addicts (narcotics scripts) are selfish for choosing the drug over their loved ones. Trust me my father died from a similar cause.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The next step

Just letting everyone know I'm trying to expand the blog. I now have a link to my face book, as well as my twitter.I haven't put up much content lately, because I've been busy writing my film. If anyone has suggestions or ideas let me know... SHORT FILMS COMING SOON. GOODNIGHT ALL

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hypnotized by another soul

This isn’t technically a work of poetry, but more an abstract thought. We’re all told to follow what we’re taught. Being a young artist, entrepreneur or anything that sounds improbable, that rope is going to be quite taught. Prepare for the wars against resistance and the battles to be fought. Just chase what it is  you sought. It’s worth it just think about the thought, let your heart talk, don’t get distraught.

All I want to do is let my wings spread. Shame that all the blood sweet and tears you shed only lead you to dread. But, the blinders in your head, makes you scared to believe in my stead. They fail to see the mind set that cuts though challenges like an ax head. Believe, I am not searching for that bread. Instead I search for what’s ahead, and how I’m going to get fed. Steady focused in my head tearing though every thread I’m listening to what my heart said. 

Never follow another’s path most are stuck in their past present and future. Some wish they were dead to get rid of the dread? Realize misery is mislead misery is mislead. No reason to spread the dread ; Sadly it’s widespread.

Its hard to wake up when you don’t have a dream. If you stand still you’ll be sent downstream

Love is important, but it’s tough to pick a team. Be careful, some scheme and aren’t as they seem

No self esteem?! What else are you trying to scheme? Stop focusing on me, and focus like a laser beam!

Stop writing in lead and use permanent ink. Follow your passion, let your heart think

Forewarning, the brain adapts to your surroundings who insure you of the link. That’s what THEY think. Nothing is for sure, so follow your heart without a blink. Follow someone else and I bet your ship will sink. All because you had to stay in sync. 


To everyone out there any age, any color, and any surroundings. Use the much unused positive energy in this world. You still have a chance. Don't get hypnotized by another's soul. Cloudy vision will steer away from your goal.