Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hypnotized by another soul

This isn’t technically a work of poetry, but more an abstract thought. We’re all told to follow what we’re taught. Being a young artist, entrepreneur or anything that sounds improbable, that rope is going to be quite taught. Prepare for the wars against resistance and the battles to be fought. Just chase what it is  you sought. It’s worth it just think about the thought, let your heart talk, don’t get distraught.

All I want to do is let my wings spread. Shame that all the blood sweet and tears you shed only lead you to dread. But, the blinders in your head, makes you scared to believe in my stead. They fail to see the mind set that cuts though challenges like an ax head. Believe, I am not searching for that bread. Instead I search for what’s ahead, and how I’m going to get fed. Steady focused in my head tearing though every thread I’m listening to what my heart said. 

Never follow another’s path most are stuck in their past present and future. Some wish they were dead to get rid of the dread? Realize misery is mislead misery is mislead. No reason to spread the dread ; Sadly it’s widespread.

Its hard to wake up when you don’t have a dream. If you stand still you’ll be sent downstream

Love is important, but it’s tough to pick a team. Be careful, some scheme and aren’t as they seem

No self esteem?! What else are you trying to scheme? Stop focusing on me, and focus like a laser beam!

Stop writing in lead and use permanent ink. Follow your passion, let your heart think

Forewarning, the brain adapts to your surroundings who insure you of the link. That’s what THEY think. Nothing is for sure, so follow your heart without a blink. Follow someone else and I bet your ship will sink. All because you had to stay in sync. 


To everyone out there any age, any color, and any surroundings. Use the much unused positive energy in this world. You still have a chance. Don't get hypnotized by another's soul. Cloudy vision will steer away from your goal. 


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  1. Its hard to wake up when you don’t have a dream. If you stand still you’ll be sent downstream

    I like the ideas. Well written.