Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quality of Entertainment business headed downhill.

At this point it has come out that shows like "The HIlls" are fake, or at least set up and actions are pushed by the producers. People used to use television and films to escape, and I don't know about you but going to the theater and sitting in front of the television today makes me want to escape. It is truly sad. American's love films and music, but seemingly do not care about true art. Or maybe they accept it because they have no choice its all thats on television and on the big screen. I can't remember the last time I saw a great film, or at least one that has been shown any attention. Is it that we like crap in this country. Not for nothing, but how do we worship "celebrities" like Kristin Cavallari, and many others like her in reality television. I do not blame or hate on them. I hold the networks responsible. Reality TV is cheap to make. They pay these people little to nothing. Some seem overly self conscious they would be willing to do it for free. We show these people and this is what we idolize, people whose image is so easy to see through. The networks support bad talent in order to benefit financially. Maybe I was just young, with an under developed brain, but television from the 90's was much better, not as far as production quality, but more originality. Now it's the exact opposite. Art is dying, slowly. Our generation seems to have a crooked view on "talent" . Every other movie seems to be a remake, an obvious spinoff or an idea like "Saw", which to begin with was a great film. However, the money machine won again.. Of course there are still great films that come out today, but that are far, few and in-between. Guess what guys, like many of my other discussions I have had on here, it comes down to SELFISHNESS. They know people won't boycott television or films. We must start to support the internet television available, as well as independent films. We are allowing academically inclined people to run a creative "business".

My next topic is going to be music business related so I thought I would mention that we acknowledge people as mazing singers, when their live performances are, at most, mediocre. Technology plays a big role here. It's not the first time its proven to play a bad toll on society.



  1. Thanks for follow my blog.I follow you since a few days. You make all your pictures by yourself? The text you write that's inspired. Bye Joey

  2. Thanks, Joey. follow for follow? Nine followers... Lets spread the good word.. the independent word. No those photos were from Joesph Bleu, a New York City photographer. Keep checkin mine and I'll check yours. Remember- You can learn something from everyone.

  3. Sorry sir, what do you mean when you say, The text you write is that's inspired". Sorry had a drink.