Tuesday, June 29, 2010

War of words

Words rage war's.

Body's swept ashore;

From the red sea of twisted rapport.

At least they believe they're going to a higher floor.

So many turn their back to ignore;

A shared destruction, which we may never restore.

Stuck in a nation that sees you by the clothes you wore;

And what you bought from the jewelery store;

Rather then what lies at your core.

Even without seeing the guiding light please still implore;

To a higher power.

My guiding light. With my pen I explore.

Trying helplessly to see the questions that no one has an answer for.

We built the boat, but we forgot the oar;

So, we continue to wage this domestic war;

And I'm not even speaking about what's going on next-door.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cannibal nation

So many think your dreams need an explanation;
You must forgive them they're just an imitation.
When they look ahead they see limitation;
Life as aggravation.
Realize, life is like a train. It's fast - make sure you get off at the right station.
Maybe, it's just desperation;
But I believe in my situation.
When you hear your heart don't be scared of communication.
Realize it's your chance for navigation.
Believe with me, so we can share a special relation.
To tune out the horror and keep my focus I use my fascination;
To turn off reality I use my imagination.
No psychiatrist. That's my medication.
I can assure you we can all reach our destination;
All you need is dedication.
And oh yea. The need for transformation.
Hopefully this will stop this cannibal nation.

I'll keep it short, because I'm tired. By cannibal nation I am trying to say, they're are so many people whose lives were torn apart recently, mostly because of finance. These people have a tendency to take a "bite" at you and your life. If they could just realize their dream they could be happy and we can stop spreading the almighty negativity.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hypocritical Artist

Through my art I try to teach them through what I've done;
When I was young I was bullied, because I was the quiet one.
Maybe, because I was too busy looking to the sky, where lies the sun;
So, even if I make it only halfway I still won't feel like I've won.

Teaching though self reflection;
Hypocrital? Maybe, but I'm trying to spread the positivy infection.
I might be cold hearted but to this world I have affection;
Maybe, I can help with artistic ressurection.
Don't be scared of perfection;
It's all about perception.
It'll help you make the right selection;
Trust me. It will point you in the righ direction.

To me many artist's are hypoctical. Probably, one of the only form of hypocritical that could'nt be negative. In my writing I am putting pressure on those who have certain things that are coulding thier perception. I look it as tough love. I teach through art by reflecting on my own mistakes, as well as the mistakes I have seen in others. To me, an artist's job is to reflected his positive finds, through negative times in order to help the audiece see clearer. I could only hope to achieve that goal.

The misery epidemic in this country

Misery loves company. I'm sure we've all been through multiple situations in which someone has tried to pass on their misery to you. Misery seems to be on the rise. This comes to no surprise, due to the state of our economy. In my experience, most people are miserable due to the fact that they hate their jobs. With low income comes high pressure. I live in a single parent household, I would know. The dollar will make or break you, and that is sad. I wish there was another way, but unfortunatley in this country we have no choice. The only advice I have for those who are miserable for whatever reason is, "stop spreading negativity, because what goes around comes around." I understand your anger, but I believe, for the most part, you are in charge of your situation.

The only thing I can do is, as always, try to get the upcoming generations to see that they need to realize their skills, so they can hone and use them. Misery effects our economy so much they have created a tool called, "The Misery Index". Wide-spread perception is wide spread reality. We must begin with our outlook and work from there.

We need to take chances in our life. Rewards don't come to those who take risks. Many scurry away from oppurtunitues or carrers that include a lot of pressure. You must just close your eyes and make the leap. Why not, expecially if you already are at rockbottom. You can't fall any further. I truly would like to help this epidemic, but when I look at the high use of anti-deppressents alone, I can see it is a huge task. If I change one persons perspective with this article it would help me out. However, I will never give up until someone stops me, which is highly unlikely. Morale is at an all time low. If we do not stop this epidemic from spreading, we are doomed!

Tell me how misery has changed or affected your life. Are you miserable? Share why.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lone Zone

Feeling like everyone in my life had so many chances, but they were blown;

That's why I'm stuck here alone;

But for some reason it's the only thing around smelling sweet like cologne

After all this pain my hearts like a cyclone;

But that doesn't mean there's no room left in there for you to roam.

Pick your damn head up. Look in the mirror, your full grown.

Gets your hands off your eyes, with all those bitches and moans.

I don't know about you, but I'm headed for the thrown;

Could it be because I feel creation in every single one of my bones?

Or because I realize these are my skills to hone?

It's okay if you want to a drone;

But me I'd rather be privatley flown;

Nothing to do with the money. It's way more about being all alone in my safe zone.

Since I was about twelve, I knew what I wanted to be an artist. I always knew I would push for my goal, because after my father died he always told me to chase my goals. Plus, I felt like I had nothing left, but my own brain. Luckily, I now have a beautiful girlfriend who loves me dearly, as well as many friends around me. I'm in a bit of a rush, but my point is I honed most of my creativity through loneliness.


Pen Power

Sometimes I'd rather forget people and use a pen to vent;

Always willing to concent to invent.

Responsible for so many imporant messsages sent;

As long as I know that, I don't care if I make a cent.

Like any other great weapon it could be used for with bad intent;

Think about how many signatures have caused torment.

Where have all of the mightiest, righteous user's went?

I need you back to rise up and represent.

The pen always works one-hundred percent;

Especially when it comes to impriting my good feelings in your heart like cement.

The pen can be used for good and bad. It is just sad that so many people underestimate the power of this vast tool. It really does amaze me. Call me crazy, but my pen is my friend.


I'm still sceptical about twitter, to be honest. However, since some of us still use it we should connect. My badge is on the sidebar, as you could probably see. @RedeemArt

Lets connect!

Does the last matter most?

The last word of the first sentence matters so much;
The audience may listen, but will you make that touch.
Trying not to use it as a crutch.
Will you come through in the clutch?

I guess we'll find out.
If you trust the path of that word with no doubt;
It will have your work flowing like a spout.
Because even in the second lines that word is still your route;
With this word thing I'm devout;
It's certaintly something I cannot live without.
Maybe that's why I feel like I never have a drought;
And I will always follow throughout.

With this act;
No matter how high those odds are stacked.
With myself I made a pact;
I mean I am an artist. I look at everything as fact.
After all isn't this world abstract?


That disguise will be your demise

Be prepared to see the the eye's behind they're disguise;

Look right rhough those wanna be superheroes, but they're not in the skies.

They're where negativity lies;

And they all about lies.

Unlike you they don't have the supplies;

Just keep your eye's on the prize;

and don't ever pray for their demise

All I want you to do is realize;

Even if its a girl with nice thighs.

Most thing's seeming too beautiful are lies.

Maybe one day they'll get wise;

But just worry about that plan you will devise.

Let it take you high up, like a high rise.

Be careful with your ally's;

Scary thing is, sometimes you get lies from eyes.

I've seen pain come from the inside;

Then pain comes, when things divide.

Not too many will be left in the end to walk by your side.

So I be careful with who I confide.

I know sometimes it's hard to decide;

Life flow's quick. Look out for that tide.

Let the pain out, I know I never met a man who never cried.

And ever since my father died

I decided I had to make it worldwide;

But, I still could'nt get it to subside.

So, just worry about and watch your own side.

Keep your inner circle slim. I've been hurt many times in my life and I realize that not all friendship and bonds are forever. This is hard to face, but we must face facts. Facts are truth, and truth is art.



Open my eyes tonight

Praying my mind's allows me creative vision;

And hope that I have the power to split em up right, like division.

Pressure on my back while I'm trying to hit this with precision.

Writing is in re-writing, so expcect a revision;

All I can do is hope it's the right decision.

Sometimes I feel like I'm headed for a head on collision;

You know Art, it's on it's last breath. I have to give it a shot, and make an incision.

Hoping Hollywood doesn't try to put me in prison.

I'm just trying to tell the truth;

Just trying to hit a home run like Babe Ruth.

So I can help teach this beautiful bloom of youth.

Don't fear I'm on this like a sleuth

Art is collaboration. Just follow me and we'll all reveal the truth.


Film and better art classes in grade schools and highschools

Ever since I was little I was always interested in film. I pondered, why did they not offer film? Well that came to me in highschool. I think we need to put more emphasis in teaching our upcoming generations about all types of art. I just mention film, becuase we always had "art", which was drawing, and music.. which was barley even a class. This cirriculum is not taken all too seriously by the Board of Education. We need to make it "fun". Children pick up many things quick, as we all know. I feel, especially creativity, due to the vast imagination of a child. As I have mentioned art and creativity are important to this world in so many ways. Art changes the way we view the world... well it can, if it is impactful enough. I'm going to shut up now. I'm sure you guys got my point. I'm looking to start a charity to start getting the ball rolling on this. In these troubled times we must train our young children to be creative, so when they grow old they still have their imagination. They're going to need it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


To this world, what is your donation?
Trying to find salvation?
Find that fascination,
that's not about the compensation.
Always meet your expectations;
Keep a fixation.
Don't settle for less, and give in to temptaition;
Only hear your heart, and you can change a generation.
We need to start controlling our own brains, and stop using medecation.
If more don't realize I'm fearing long term termination;
I'm trying to plant the seed, but I'm not done with germenation.
Don't fear not having a revelation;
It comes when you least excpect it, on you darkest day filled with desperation.
A dream is an obligation.
I guess I'm trying to change the nation;
If you never quit then your ready for graduation.
Make this your combination.

I am speaking every artist, aspiriring entrepreneur, etc. out there. Don't dissapoint yourself and let down this world by not following your hopes and dreams. We're all here for a reason. However, not all of I figure it out. Art, and dreams is the most peacful war ever fought, and it's been going on the longest. A war we must continue to wage. Never give up. Always follow your dreams no matter the odds. Listen to your heart, not others. NEVER QUIT! DREAM ON ALL! Tell me what you guys think. Feedback is always good. I'm trying to hone my skills. I would also like to hear about YOUR DREAMS. What are they?


The first words will always reflect;
Reflect the way you envision and what from it you collect;
The power of word's is yours to respect
Until one day you look back and reflect
Hopefully it's not too late, and you can realize that perception has an affect
Remember, perceptions on yours to protect;
Giving you the confidence to perfect
Perception is in what will reflect;
My apologizes for being so direct

In this piece I am not just speaking of spoken word, which is equally important. I am trying to say the words in your mind affect the words coming out of your mouth, as well as your drive for your goals and ambitions in life. Words go through my head all day long. They affect the decisions you make throughout the day and throughout life. Which will effect your ultimate destination in this vast world. I know times are hard, I live in a single parent household. Be a strong, persistent, soulful and passionate person you will succeed in this world. I have no doubt I will over come the odds stacked against me in my life, and neither should you. Once you think lose it's too late. You already lost!

Redeem Art!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sleeping on it

Hey guys, I am abou to go to sleep. It's eleven in the morning here in New York City, and I still cannot manage to sleep. My constant creative train of thought keeps me up. That's why I'm leaving it up to the readers to leave me some suggestions, so I can relax my brain. I'm sure all of the creative people out there understand that NEED to create. I'm off to try and sleep. Good night, and again thanks for reading my work.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

To the Friends of Redeem Art

Thanks for helping with the cause. I promise I will check out and give you my opinion on your blog, as I would like the same. I know there is only of you, but you have made a difference in making me want to push forward. t's been about three months I think and I only have followers, but to me if I had only one I would still be grateful.. THANKS AGAIN GUYS...

Bloggers Unite For the Gulf

We must cease being an oil dependent nation at all costs. As much as I love petrol automobiles, I cannot risk having my children's lifetime's most likely in a good amount of danger. I'm not going to pretend I push very hard for the green movement, but I do one-hundred percent agree with it. Click this link and take two seconds to fill out three lines of information and help the Gulf.


Sensation of Art

When I'm down on my luck, I'm high on inspiration
That's probably why I feel the need to fill my obligation
Creating a formation of creation;
Trying to find salvation
Do it for the fascination, not the compensation
Meet your expectation;
Keep a fixation;
Make this your combination;
Combination for sensation

When I wrote this I wasn't specifically thinking of "Art", which to some isn't a broad term, but to me art can be anything. I plead to everyone who reads this, do what you love. Don't be pressured by someone else's thoughts or ideas. Follow your HEART. Since I was a young kid I always wanted to be all over the film industry, because something fascinated me about moving images from the time I was about nine or ten. It was never about the money to me. This is why so many American's today walk around with their hands on their eyes in frustration. You need to do what you love. I understand single parent situations, but barring a few groups. You must do what drives you. Our culture as a whole is decreasing at an alarming rate. Stress kills, but a clear heart and mind kills stress. It's not always easy to make it to that point, but it's about hard work at your "art". I don't feel like writing my film everyday, but I try my best. Just like you lest rep in the gym, push hard all day and you will receive you wishes, as long as you put your whole self into it. So, tell me, what are your dreams?