Thursday, June 17, 2010

Film and better art classes in grade schools and highschools

Ever since I was little I was always interested in film. I pondered, why did they not offer film? Well that came to me in highschool. I think we need to put more emphasis in teaching our upcoming generations about all types of art. I just mention film, becuase we always had "art", which was drawing, and music.. which was barley even a class. This cirriculum is not taken all too seriously by the Board of Education. We need to make it "fun". Children pick up many things quick, as we all know. I feel, especially creativity, due to the vast imagination of a child. As I have mentioned art and creativity are important to this world in so many ways. Art changes the way we view the world... well it can, if it is impactful enough. I'm going to shut up now. I'm sure you guys got my point. I'm looking to start a charity to start getting the ball rolling on this. In these troubled times we must train our young children to be creative, so when they grow old they still have their imagination. They're going to need it.

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  1. I think what causes education ministries to sidestep education is that art is hard to teach.

    Artistic talent is not something you can transmit; you need to awaken in in each student. Art is a self-exploratory process, something which you can't be forced to do.

    The key, then, is to have a personalized transformative method of teaching art. But then, that would be incredibly difficult and expensive to implement. What I do suggest, is to inculcate in students the love of art, an innate curiosity in the world, and to let them do the exploration themselves.

    I believe that art has value and place it in the highest level of intellectualization. However, because it is so far up the pyramid, so many things have to be had before art comes in. In these times where political, economic, and military concerns are running amok, art in the highest sense is but a distant dream.

    But then, I have a rather different definition of art. I believe that art is everything which man has created, and it can range from poetry, painting, sculpture to buildings, systems, and even those charts over which I love to obsess. Perhaps, art had never declined; it had simply changed form.