Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The misery epidemic in this country

Misery loves company. I'm sure we've all been through multiple situations in which someone has tried to pass on their misery to you. Misery seems to be on the rise. This comes to no surprise, due to the state of our economy. In my experience, most people are miserable due to the fact that they hate their jobs. With low income comes high pressure. I live in a single parent household, I would know. The dollar will make or break you, and that is sad. I wish there was another way, but unfortunatley in this country we have no choice. The only advice I have for those who are miserable for whatever reason is, "stop spreading negativity, because what goes around comes around." I understand your anger, but I believe, for the most part, you are in charge of your situation.

The only thing I can do is, as always, try to get the upcoming generations to see that they need to realize their skills, so they can hone and use them. Misery effects our economy so much they have created a tool called, "The Misery Index". Wide-spread perception is wide spread reality. We must begin with our outlook and work from there.

We need to take chances in our life. Rewards don't come to those who take risks. Many scurry away from oppurtunitues or carrers that include a lot of pressure. You must just close your eyes and make the leap. Why not, expecially if you already are at rockbottom. You can't fall any further. I truly would like to help this epidemic, but when I look at the high use of anti-deppressents alone, I can see it is a huge task. If I change one persons perspective with this article it would help me out. However, I will never give up until someone stops me, which is highly unlikely. Morale is at an all time low. If we do not stop this epidemic from spreading, we are doomed!

Tell me how misery has changed or affected your life. Are you miserable? Share why.


  1. When I was young, I was very rebellious, and imagined social rules and restrictions were standing in the way of my happiness. Although exhilarating on a certain level, on another it was making me miserable. Happiness and contentment entered my life when I abandoned that imaginary struggle, and started to take full responsibility for my own fate.

  2. Well put. I found my hapiness through true love and true love of art. Short and simple. Well not really lol