Thursday, June 17, 2010

Open my eyes tonight

Praying my mind's allows me creative vision;

And hope that I have the power to split em up right, like division.

Pressure on my back while I'm trying to hit this with precision.

Writing is in re-writing, so expcect a revision;

All I can do is hope it's the right decision.

Sometimes I feel like I'm headed for a head on collision;

You know Art, it's on it's last breath. I have to give it a shot, and make an incision.

Hoping Hollywood doesn't try to put me in prison.

I'm just trying to tell the truth;

Just trying to hit a home run like Babe Ruth.

So I can help teach this beautiful bloom of youth.

Don't fear I'm on this like a sleuth

Art is collaboration. Just follow me and we'll all reveal the truth.



  1. wow your so talented mikeyy .. pffff

  2. I'm trying to hone my skill as a poet still, because it comes secondary to screenwriting. I take pride in my work and this is my most viewed poem. Anyone care to share why? Constructive criticism from my readers mean a lot to me, because you're what drives me. THANKS FOR YOUR VIEWS. MORE UPDATES SOON! I PROMISE!