Friday, June 25, 2010

Cannibal nation

So many think your dreams need an explanation;
You must forgive them they're just an imitation.
When they look ahead they see limitation;
Life as aggravation.
Realize, life is like a train. It's fast - make sure you get off at the right station.
Maybe, it's just desperation;
But I believe in my situation.
When you hear your heart don't be scared of communication.
Realize it's your chance for navigation.
Believe with me, so we can share a special relation.
To tune out the horror and keep my focus I use my fascination;
To turn off reality I use my imagination.
No psychiatrist. That's my medication.
I can assure you we can all reach our destination;
All you need is dedication.
And oh yea. The need for transformation.
Hopefully this will stop this cannibal nation.

I'll keep it short, because I'm tired. By cannibal nation I am trying to say, they're are so many people whose lives were torn apart recently, mostly because of finance. These people have a tendency to take a "bite" at you and your life. If they could just realize their dream they could be happy and we can stop spreading the almighty negativity.



  1. Wonderful lyrics! When people are frustrated, they tend to lash out, to grow bitter, instead of seeking positive solutions to their situation.

  2. Thanks again nothing profound. More kind words froma kind man.

  3. Became a follower of your page. I love your work.

  4. People have forgotten what it means to be happy. To just appreciate simple things.
    I feel like, for too many people, it's all about numbers, the comfier chair and the biggest car.
    They do end up eating up other people's happiness and cannibalizing several lives. What they have yet to realize is how they cannibalize themselves as well.