Thursday, June 17, 2010

That disguise will be your demise

Be prepared to see the the eye's behind they're disguise;

Look right rhough those wanna be superheroes, but they're not in the skies.

They're where negativity lies;

And they all about lies.

Unlike you they don't have the supplies;

Just keep your eye's on the prize;

and don't ever pray for their demise

All I want you to do is realize;

Even if its a girl with nice thighs.

Most thing's seeming too beautiful are lies.

Maybe one day they'll get wise;

But just worry about that plan you will devise.

Let it take you high up, like a high rise.

Be careful with your ally's;

Scary thing is, sometimes you get lies from eyes.

I've seen pain come from the inside;

Then pain comes, when things divide.

Not too many will be left in the end to walk by your side.

So I be careful with who I confide.

I know sometimes it's hard to decide;

Life flow's quick. Look out for that tide.

Let the pain out, I know I never met a man who never cried.

And ever since my father died

I decided I had to make it worldwide;

But, I still could'nt get it to subside.

So, just worry about and watch your own side.

Keep your inner circle slim. I've been hurt many times in my life and I realize that not all friendship and bonds are forever. This is hard to face, but we must face facts. Facts are truth, and truth is art.




  1. Perfect post. Fantastic writing and a great way to approach the topic. xoxo

  2. Thank you, sweety. I loved your blog. Shot you a follow.

  3. I was sold on the black market to a lawyer who loved me dearly. Unfortunately he died when I was 9 (an inadvertant abandonment, surely.) Unfortunately after that I was virtually abandoned by everyone in my life, except for my mean-drunk alcoholic "mom," who abused me horribly & even tried to kill us all at least once. The few people who tried to be my friends were dissuaded by "mom," who also used social isolation as part of her abuse tactics. Later her mob boyfriend decided it'd be better to use my brother (also a black market kid,) as free, child labor. Since no one ever taught me social skills, I was singled out throughout public school as the one to harass, humiliate & hurt. Lacking support from virtually anywhere, by the time I was able to get away, I was completely non-functional. It took me 10 years just to pull together some semblance of relative "normalcy" (which still includes dealing with untreated PSTD, trust issues, misanthropy, agoraphobia, etc.) I'm 42 now & have only found peace through the loneliness I hated as a child, but at least it's peace.

  4. I can feel your pain. I shot your blog a follow. My father died of drugs when I was a young age, as well. Keep in touch. Life goes on.