Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hypocritical Artist

Through my art I try to teach them through what I've done;
When I was young I was bullied, because I was the quiet one.
Maybe, because I was too busy looking to the sky, where lies the sun;
So, even if I make it only halfway I still won't feel like I've won.

Teaching though self reflection;
Hypocrital? Maybe, but I'm trying to spread the positivy infection.
I might be cold hearted but to this world I have affection;
Maybe, I can help with artistic ressurection.
Don't be scared of perfection;
It's all about perception.
It'll help you make the right selection;
Trust me. It will point you in the righ direction.

To me many artist's are hypoctical. Probably, one of the only form of hypocritical that could'nt be negative. In my writing I am putting pressure on those who have certain things that are coulding thier perception. I look it as tough love. I teach through art by reflecting on my own mistakes, as well as the mistakes I have seen in others. To me, an artist's job is to reflected his positive finds, through negative times in order to help the audiece see clearer. I could only hope to achieve that goal.

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