Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The first words will always reflect;
Reflect the way you envision and what from it you collect;
The power of word's is yours to respect
Until one day you look back and reflect
Hopefully it's not too late, and you can realize that perception has an affect
Remember, perceptions on yours to protect;
Giving you the confidence to perfect
Perception is in what will reflect;
My apologizes for being so direct

In this piece I am not just speaking of spoken word, which is equally important. I am trying to say the words in your mind affect the words coming out of your mouth, as well as your drive for your goals and ambitions in life. Words go through my head all day long. They affect the decisions you make throughout the day and throughout life. Which will effect your ultimate destination in this vast world. I know times are hard, I live in a single parent household. Be a strong, persistent, soulful and passionate person you will succeed in this world. I have no doubt I will over come the odds stacked against me in my life, and neither should you. Once you think lose it's too late. You already lost!

Redeem Art!

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