Monday, July 26, 2010

The life and times of Mr. Hoot

Many years ago, I met a very interesting man. Video is at bottom, but I suggest reading the setup.

I sit waiting next to my cousin in the Muddy Cup Cafe, in Staten Island, New York. Sitting across from us is the flamboyant Ron B, a cross dresser/actor who does lip sync Whitney Houston performances during his public access talk show. Hell, he was paying us to film it and it was quite entertaining to witness.

He set up a meeting so we could meet with a director he knows, who has funding and is looking for cinematographers. Finally, fifteen long awkward minutes later he arrives. I met Mr. Hoot, who is still one of the most interesting people I have ever met. He greets us nervously and sits down, placing down his large backpack. He pulls out a DVD, along with a portable player. All as he quickly babbles on about the potential project.

Mr. Hoot tells us that what we are about to see is a piece of a show that he was pushing. The video started, I saw a bunch of people sitting in a room with a blue curtain behind them. I could hear the noise of the camera rolling, some hissing and the clear 80's VHS camcorder look. He should have just recorded it himself. The camera never moved from its spot, nor did it cut. The video consisted of Mr. Hoot rambling in front of these emotionless people. At the close I look up to see a confident Mr. Hoot, who thought we had just witnessed something amazing. He then happily tells us that he paid the cinematographer twelve-thousand dollars!

I smiled, nodded and handed him the reel that we had put together. Mind you this reel was put together mostly of "cool" looking shots of me acting random ways in random places. After all, we only had two days notice. After he saw it he was blown away. In his always passionate ways he stood up In a full cafe and said, "That was amazing!" He wanted to work with us right away.

At this moment I'm thinking this poor guy got ripped off, but at the same time I'm thinking we can make some serious money.

The next time we meet up with Mr. Hoot is when we went to film a screen test audition for him. We arrive at the address and notice it is a real estate office. Confused, I walk in and decide to ask anyway. The man at the desk confirms we are in the right place. He told me it was down stairs, as he pointed at a cellar entrance in the back of the office.

Once the actors arrived and Mr. Hoot began to direct the audition. I knew this was not going to be a normal audition, whatsoever. It did, however give me some priceless memories on film. About two weeks later he left for Texas, to get the "funding" for the film. He invited my cousin and I to come, but we declined. It turns out that desicion was a good one. I lost connection with him after a phone call from a Texas correctional facility. He said he "lost the contract", and ended up in jail for "public disturbance", or somethign like that. I can't remember clearly, but it sounded like a charge I had never heard of. Later, I spoke with the actress who tagged along with him, and she told me there was no contract. Apparently, he went unannounced to his brother home, in search of money and he wouldn't give it to him. She wasn't even allowed to disclose any information regarding his arrest, so I assume it was much more than "public disturbance". I could probably write a book on this man, so I'll cut to the chase.

He began to make the potential actors act out bits of scenes from the film. It made for one of the funniest experiences of my life. Because of this, I edited together the footage, as if it was a comedic short. It was a challenge, but he made it a whole lot easier. Remember, the actors were totally not prepared for this. Who knows what this film would have been about if it were to actually make it past the audition. Well, here it is. You tell me what you think.

Crazy Director

Frank MySpace Video

Under the influence

This is a short my cousin and I made this in 2003, when I was fifteen. So we took our muched loved crappy digital cameraand traveled to manhattan to film. I was the only actor in the film. I can't help but laugh when I look back on it. "Under the Influence" was what came of it. In 2005 it won the award for best short at the New York Film and Video festival. It screened in Los Angeles, as well. A very small accomplishment, but it will always remain a memory. It was the first time a film that I made was shown in front of an audience. I heard the audience clap at the close of the film. Even if only out of curiousity, I had an amazing feeling inside. A feeling that made me say I will dedicate my life to art, no matter what happened or what anyone said.


-Let me guys know what you think?

"In a world filled with fear, terror and meia chaos nothing is what it seems"

Under the Influence

Frank | MySpace Video

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Religion a cult?

I was raised by a Catholic family, so I was raised to believe in Jesus, and the idea that as long as we are all good people we will move onto a better place. As I got older I began to realize that it didn't all add up. The bible was obviously fictional stories with "some" great metaphors. I now realize organized religion is really a cult, and it is based upon someone else's beliefs. I'm not telling other people not to believe, I am just telling you what I believe.

I feel religion is a cult, because it shares every quality except tax exemption and number of members. So, why is it that we don't see it this way? Perhaps for interior monetary benefit, or because people are too scared to face the idea that this life might be all there is. For some, this idea is torturing, especially in these financially straining times. It seems every day we wake up to a new battle. To so many people I know life has became a hassle and a disappointment.

In our culture if you were to tell someone, "Hey I just discovered this awesome cult!" They would either think soon there will be a mass killing and you will be involved, or that you are plain crazy. Many people will tell you that cults have brought bloodshed, but they never mention the other "religions". Take the Bible and the Koran for example. How many wars were started over religion? How many people died in these wars? If you compare the number of deaths caused by a cult, direct or indirect it would be an astronomically higher death toll.

The idea of a religion needing a certain amount of members to qualify says that many people must believe in that concept. That I totally disagree with. Why should numbers choose how an organization is looked upon. This isn't business. This is religion!

I'm not trying to say cults are great things. What I am trying to say is, it's funny how we accept religion, but not a peaceful cult. What if I wanted to worship a holy rock and got a hundred people to worship that same rock? If word spread about that we would all be looked at as lunatics. Faith and peaceful beliefs are great. I would never try to make someone be something they aren't. I'm just bringing up some facts. Wikipedia defines a cult as: The word cult pejoratively refers to a group whose beliefs or practices are reasonably considered strange. Strange? Really? I could say much more about that definition, but I'll leave you with this. Hell, at least there is proof a rock exists.

- Why are religious groups exempt from taxation, again?


Sunday, July 18, 2010

John Lydon Says U2 'Never Should Have Existed'

John Lydon Says U2 'Never Should Have Existed'

Is this guy serious? Musician John Lydon has said that U2 should have never existed. Put it this way, before this article I knew who U2 is and I didn't know who John Lyndon was. It may be due to my age, but it is obvious that he has faded away. What a better chance at a cheap comeback, than to insult arguably the biggest band in the world right now. Bono has made a huge difference in this world and if U2 would have never existed then he would never have been able to make those contributions to the world. U2 is one of the only major commercial rock bands that still produces quality, heartfelt artistic music. In my opinion, they make some of the most beautiful and meaningful music. READ FOR YOURSELF. What do you think?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jeremy and Gorgolax: Improv 24 Hour Short from 2007

Hey guys, don't take this seriously. It's a short improvised comedy that we had to film and edit in less then 24 hours. So, if the dialogue doesn't sound crisp or the shots are a bit shaky, it's because we (the actors) were coming up with it on spot. We just set up a small set and shot. Tell me what you think. We actually won the contest, but I still see flaws. It was all in fun.


Tell me what you think...


I know you've been through a lot of shit in your life;
But you've gotta get up and say fuck that I'll do it twice.
In life if you have no change you will pay a price.
Not everything is equal sometimes the answer is a strife.
You must not think a positive life is truthful rife.

Alone you stand;
Know one who understands;
Even through now you stopped making demands.
This is the test to see if your self can withstand;
The time when in the time line of life, you feel like a tiny strand.
Critisisim should be banned.
Don't worry that they all think we need to be the same;
I don't know about you, but I don't have a brand.
So, stop acting like you don't have a tear gland.
Over the bridge, these words will hold your hand;
Understand, life doesn't have to be lavish for it to be grand.
If you let your belief and your soul expand;
You could have the world in your hand.
Things will be so bright you might even feel tanned.
If you're listening these words are to help you to your promised land.

I'm a Leo, and I match the criteria. I cannot tell a lie. I wish to live a lavish lifestyle and make money, so I can take care of all my loved ones. Just because you have money doesn't mean you still can't enjoy simplicity. Simplicity can even lead to wealth. If a young artist is happy with the "simplicity" in societies terms, of painting one day he may be a sought after world famous painter. Also, if you never reach wealth you will be happy if you can find simplicity, which I'm pretty sure lyes in your soul. I hope these words have helped someone. Let me know your view on his situation?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I followed myself by accident

Does anyone know how to delete a follow? Somehow I ended up following myself.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I will be including alternative treatments in an upcoming article.


ADD ADHD medications post life threating risks

The mother of a three year old enters a doctors office. She sits down across from this highly knowledgable individual.


Mother: What’s the youngest age at which a child can be diagnosed with, and treated for, ADHD? My three-year-old is hyperactive and I worry about his safety.

Doctor: It’s unusual for a child to be diagnosed before the age of five. But since your son is showing signs of ADHD, there’s no need to wait. Have the doctor evaluate your three-year-old and ask about starting medication. The latest research shows that stimulants are now safe and effective - even for preschoolers.

Is this serious? Honestly consider the fact that in this country MOST of us always trust the infinitley knowledgeable doctor is always right. Now lets have a moment of silence and think about this. Is hyperactivity in a 3 year old really adequate evidence that this child needs "black box" narcotics? Last time I checked a lot of three year olds are hyperactive. This is someone the government endorses. After all they did issue him his license.

Adderall and other methamphetamines are considered by the FDA, "Black box" narcotics. In the United States, a black box warning (also sometimes called a black label warning or boxed warning is a type of warning that appears on the package insert for prescription drugs that may cause serious adverse effects. It is so named for the black border that usually surrounds the text of the warning.

A black box warning means that medical studies indicate that the drug carries a significant risk of serious or even life-threatening adverse effects. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can require a pharmaceutical company to place a black box warning on the labeling of a prescription drug, or in literature describing it. It is the strongest warning that the FDA requires. How come we can give children these narcotics, but we would never give our children xanax or vicodine, which are horrible, but still not as bad as this stuff? How about oxycodone?


Good job Doctor and Parent, because they deserve some blame for not properly researching the drug. Let's put children on a drug that holds the Highest FDA warning. There's still a chance to stop, so have no worries.

This is getting out of control, and it's tough to look down upon people who fall for this, because information is scarce. To prove this, an unnamed Government health body advises to use extreme caution with these DANGEROUS drugs. Then all of a sudden they took a complete U-turn and revised the warning, as well as showing the drug in a positive light. Coincidence? I think not. This should be legal? How can the government and these doctors withhold important information involving the health of children and adults alike? Even the possiblity of death. This is why an NYU student who was interviewed on the subject compared Adderall to Tylenol.

There have been fifty-one reported deaths from ADD medications. Twenty of those fifty-one were children. They just dropped dead.

  • Abuse
  • Worsening of illness
  • Bad weight loss
  • Decreased growth
  • Heart Attack
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Stroke


Is giving your children the upper hand in school a good enough reason to feed them these life threatening drugs?

A doctor found that ten out of ten children who died from unexplained heart problems were all on these drugs.

How do we test for these types of problems (ADD/DEPRESSION/ANXIETY, ETC)? The doctor isn't sticking a needle into my head and taking a reading. Thank God he isn't. DIG DEEPER DOCTOR!

Be careful who you trust.

Use Google.

Don't take this as something designed to offend. Take it as care, and help.

Open your eyes, America! My next article on this subject will cover much more on big medicine and how the they beneifit from selling drugs legally. I must close with this: MARIJUANA IS STILL ILLEGAL.


*Work Cited coming soon*

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