Monday, July 26, 2010

Under the influence

This is a short my cousin and I made this in 2003, when I was fifteen. So we took our muched loved crappy digital cameraand traveled to manhattan to film. I was the only actor in the film. I can't help but laugh when I look back on it. "Under the Influence" was what came of it. In 2005 it won the award for best short at the New York Film and Video festival. It screened in Los Angeles, as well. A very small accomplishment, but it will always remain a memory. It was the first time a film that I made was shown in front of an audience. I heard the audience clap at the close of the film. Even if only out of curiousity, I had an amazing feeling inside. A feeling that made me say I will dedicate my life to art, no matter what happened or what anyone said.


-Let me guys know what you think?

"In a world filled with fear, terror and meia chaos nothing is what it seems"

Under the Influence

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  1. Exciting work. Professionally done. Love how you built up the suspense leading towards the unexpected ending.

  2. Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed my work. I look back and see some mistakes, but an artist must learn. I was only fifteen, of course. I look forward to releasing a feature very soon.