Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Abbreviation Nation

Everyone hails to the D.E.A, FDA and the CDC.
Wait till the get a load of me!
Open your eyes too many inside are on a killing spree;
As long as it will turn their quarterly report up a few degrees
Hopefully, before your day comes you'll see.
Fuck a settlement fee!
I don't give a damn. A settlement's a guilty plea;
And it'll never bring things back to what they used to be!
Stop thinking that the kings are the only ones that can decree.
Pollinating society in disguise, like a killer bee.
You may disagree;
But consider they've been advertising drugs like products since color TV!

You may be surprised to hear about your family physician;
To him cash may be a great proposition.
Too many firing on the wrong cylinders. Working for a false mission!
Trust me, nothing good will come from those narcotic prescription.
It's time we give this injustice some recognition;
Where are all the politicians?
Continuing to roll down hill, because we give it our permission!
See that line outside the office? It's ammunition!
I have a proposition! It's time for a huge transition!
Medicine should heal, but it's giving society a deadly condition!

I always question how they way up everyday;
Granted some may have a good message they are trying to convey;
But, for some the dollar bill is too much of a temptation to betray;
Even though in the end we are the one's who must pay.
Laughing at how are society is as pliable as clay!
I never thought the F.D.A could be in disarray!
After all we live in the free world! U.S.A!

I lost my father to Vioxx, among other things. I think that by this point in our society, which is hopefully smartening up, we can see that it's about money. We live in a competitive economy and Big Pharma is business after all. A giant and powerful company with tons of money to lobby and effect as many decisions as they like. Have we not questioned why so many prescription drugs lead to addiction and or death?

Where I live on Staten Island, New York so many doctors are getting locked up, finally by the D.E.A, for giving out oxycodone and other narcotics like candy. Pay cash and receive a script for narcotics. I guess they made enough money arresting these kids on the street for selling their scripts. So, now we can begin to arrest "some" of the doctors. Hippocratic oath my ass! We need to put an end to this. Stop locking up so many for marijuana, and start putting away the people who are responsible for the true DRUG related deaths in this country.

I have many true stories that I have been involved in with crooked cops in the N.Y.P.D, another great yet sadly crooked organization. I was once arrested for buying marijuana. I got it out of an unnamed persons mailbox, followed by getting immediately arrested. They continue onn to tell me I shouldn't call him anymore, because the persons phone was tapped. They later asked me to rat on people for money, which I didn't do. However, question this. Why did'nt they ask for any information about this person who has pounds of marijuana? Is it because they already have him caught? No, it's because they can make more money arresting a bunch of small time peaceful smokers, rather then one big time dealer who btw is profiting from this venture. So, it seems to me that the Staten Island branch of the NYPD is quite crooked, because this person continues to sell. How?!

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