Monday, August 30, 2010

Aging Gracefully

Age is only a number. Youth lives in the soul.
Time may be a matter, but you can still decide to achieve a goal!
Find a passion and feel your soul - life will feel like a stroll.
Change you're mind state;
Life i great if you're listening you may be already on a roll!
No matter the case, you can always be great;
Make heat in the cold even if life gave you coal!

By now you know life is like a deck of cards;
Everyone been bruised, scrapped and scarred.
That burning feeling in your chest gone - charred!
No! Stand up let in the world for it's glory;
Let in that light and let down that guard.

Life is like a story;
Except we can make our own happy ending!

Coming from a twenty-two year old this probably sounds ridiculous, but I feel taht at any age, as an artist I will embrace life. Because, as you move further down the path of life things change. There will always be something new to observe for it's wonder. There will always be a cause to stand up for! Let me know what you guys think.




  1. "Youth lives in the soul." That's great. It's true-as an artist you will never lose that childlike sense of wonder. Truth is, a person can be miserable or happy at any age. It's up to them.

  2. Truth spoken - That is why I love art. I will never leave me.. turn its back