Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Away from disarray

Why do I feel this way? Like I have no choice.
Inside, but it was loud as day. That internal voice.
When I'm frantic my dream calms me like sunset at the bay.
Society replacing follows other morals, but I don't worry about they.
Keep it inside, that's where it'll grow. Forget what they say.
Unfortunately, as an artist I must observe society. Trust me, there's dismay.
Drawing more from within, too much propriety. Blindness in such a wide array.
FCC, FDA - Abbreviations change views. Molding you like clay.
Look to yourself for cues. You are the only one you must obey.
Stop focusing on your shoes. Worry about what you portray!
Even on the darkest day even on the darkest day;
There's no pain that your heart's tears can't wash away.
I hope you're listening to the message I'm trying to convey.
One day when you look back, you might notice that your going down hill like a sleigh.
Don't let temptation turn your sky grey.
If you fall for the temptation of the population, that's the price you pay.
I own my heart. Don't do the short lease. Pushing it my way everyday;
Not selfish.
I strive for internal peace. It seems, all I can do is sit back and watch the decay.
Take those ear plugs out and prove me wrong, pull away from disarray.

I sure hope people stop replacing laws for morals. Making other's views their own. Listen to your heart. If they stopped focusing on what they say it might come in clearer.

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