Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Real Life Super Woman

Just something I wrote for my mother on mother's day. Having only one parent makes them that much more special. Not that if you have the luxury of having two parents one matters more than the other. It's just the way my life experiences have made me view the world. It's not the best I've ever written. However, it is heartfelt. I was quite exhausted and forgot to get a mothers day gift. I decided to share something more personal with her. Now I want to share something personal with you. After all that is an artist's job.

From the start you held my hand, yet still you allow me my heart;
You're the fabric that keeps us from fall apart;
Always there to help us even though when it comes to problems you've got a head start;
The strength and love you show is unexplainable like a great work of art;

Vibrant features of which there are too many to choose only one;
Each as beautiful as the next
We know you're job is never done
Giving me the power to pick myself up to bat and slam a home run;
So you can have what you deserve a place of peace and solitude
Hell, maybe even a pool boy for fun =)

When we're down I know you can always help us elevate;
Regardless of the weight on you you still manage to demonstrate;
The best model of strength to emulate;
When our hearts burn you help us ventilate;
You're beautiful soul is impossible to underestimate;
The greatest ever, it's beautifully unfair how there's no room to estimate;
I love you to death, but we'll kill you if you don't allow us to reciprocate =)

You seemingly make the hard times disappear;
Making the impossible look simple without a fear;
You deserve for Mother's day to be everyday;
Seeing you brightens the day day no matter how grey;
Besides Caitlin you're the only one i can trust to never betray;
You would never steer us the wrong way

Everyday you manage the work of two;
till managing to keep a positive point of view;
A strength that's more infectious than the flu;
Everyday you seem to out do;
So I know our family ties will never undo
You are permanently etched in my heart like a tattoo;
You're such an angel I'd believe it if you said you flew;

Referring to you merely as a mother would be unfair. A best friend whom I trust enough to tell them anything. That is with a bit of a risk of a loving smack. You're lucky you're my mom =) ...
The leader of the pack, pushing us to our limits so we may one day reach our goals. A leader who is tough, yet nonjudgmental at the same time. I told you I wanted to be a filmmaker and you we're behind me 100 percent. You made me know I can. You're open hear and open mind is quite rare amongst parents. I'm positively sure if my dream was to pick up dog shit and I cold make a living, you would wear a shirt that says my son loves picking up shit. I'm coming at this in a lighthearted manner, but it's very serious to me. Making you proud means a lot to me. I know that you know I will give you much to be proud of my dear mother. When I won that film award and your true smile and happiness made that night, not a plaque. One day I know I will be looking down at you in the Kodak Theatre while I'm accepting my Oscar. Look into your eyes and say you are the reason I had the strength to get this far. That's why for me it's time to use the talent which was bestowed on me by a higher power.

You are also the best teacher I ever had. You held the roof up during the stormiest times of our collective lives. Always unselfishly passing down your strength to us. Battling every obstacle possible allows me to see that I can accomplish anything. When the day comes and I am blessed with children of my own I hope to be half the parent you are. You changed the fortune of the Cooper family beyond what any of us can see now. My children's children will learn from what you have taught me. You truly are a real life super woman.



Happy belated mothers day to all the mom's out there!


  1. My oldest and best childhood friend. Judy Hine.
    She'll always be in my heart.

  2. What a great relationship you have with your mom. My son and I are really close, too. It's good to have your mom in your corner! :)

  3. Thanks for the kind comments ladies!