Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thoughts of the day: Harmony, Felicity and the Soul


Remember, our soul is immune to the fear of failure. It will never steer us down the wrong path. The brain, however, is too readily available and tends to get in our way. It's a powerful tool, but only works in our favor when in tune with the soul. Realize that this is achievable by having faith in yourself. So many people ask me, "How do you know that your career as an artist is going to pan out?" It is an understandable question. A simple question with an answer that is only as complex as you choose. My belief is that our souls are all in tune with the universe. A negative minded person sees a dark gloomy world, filled with money hungry vampires. This will cause a retraction from society and the world around us, not allowing the soul proper access to the energies around us. Giving it a chance to turn negatives to positives. No matter how difficult and scary life may becomes don't retract from reality. Make it your yours, own it everyday! Your soul will reward you with success for showing faith in its most central elements, hopes, dreams and ultimately complete happiness.

- This work by Max C. Escher is an excellent extension of my thoughts today. Our experiences are works in and of themselves. "Art and life will always touch. However, they will never be one."


I know this is a tall order, or so it seems. Things are only as hard as you allow them to be. The answer is quite simple, literally! Simplicity, as an artist, or to anyone for that matter is key. Enjoy the small things in life that you look past everyday you open your eyes. This is the easiest place to start on your journey toward success. Life is a big picture, but like every other great work of art it is about the minute details. ‎Finding simplicity in life, and therefore your art is the surest indication of progression. There is great irony within every pathway to success. The problem is for many irony is obscure. When my father passed away from a cocaine overdose it was hard at that age to turn something so devastating into a positive. One day I woke up and saw the irony in the situation. I saw that life is not a sure thing. You should always give your all everyday at achieving your dream, because tomorrow is not promised. While he always told me to "follow my dream" he would never have understood that the career of an artist takes time to develop. He wanted me to go into a "sure thing". Whatever that means. Those two statements together never made sense to me, when used together. What I'm trying to say is everything happens for a reason to propel you toward your destiny, so take things as they come.

Tell me, what are some of the simple things in life that make you happy? If you can't think of any, what do you think is blinding you from of these things?


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


"A directors work relies on their actors. A writers work relies on their words."

Being a filmmaker, as well of a writer, the principal attributes of the written and spoken WORD that attracts me most is their life-like attributes. They have feelings, senses, intentions and they evoke emotion. That would be to name a few of the many. This is why I write from the heart. If you draw from a false place you will not be able to bring life to these beautiful tools. Artists of all shapes and sizes tend to be emotionally and mentally tortured people. Frustrated with their inability to alter the past. Perhaps, even fear of not being able to alter their future. They turn to their alone zone or art of choice to attempt and release the pain within.

Armies of WORDS battle everyday to affect society in an array of ways. From bills that are passed, to deceiving speeches that alter perception of a politician, public figure or even a close friend. Stop the brainwashing of the world through false statements. Has there not been enough damage already done throughout history? Hitler took over Germany simply through a deep understanding of the characteristics of a wounded psyche and heart. As well as the affect of disguised words of encouragement with subtext of genocide. This is just one example, so you know what I'm getting at.

Take a trip with me to a stairwell in a shady part of town. Two friends exchange WORDS and product in the stairwell of a local apartment complex. The man who leaves with the product ends up getting robbed by the client and in an attempt to fight back he is stabbed twice. One of which hit a major artery. He later died in the Intensive Care Unit at a local hospital. False and untruthful statements bring bad upon those who it is dealt out to.

If I recall correctly, they used to tell tales about this old man named Karma. What goes around comes around? This has seemingly disappeared. Perhaps, because the negative energy is passed on by individuals that spread their energy in a aggressive manner. Pushing you to feel like them as fast as possible. Energy vampires, essentially. While positive people tend not to push their values upon others so strongly, but rather through a subtle psychological approach.

The one loophole in this mess of a situation is that as an artist, I discovered that with will power and determination you can achieve a piece that changes the perception of those that matter. The imagination we tap into also allows us to design the reality that only a chosen few reside in, "IT MUST BE OUR OWN!"

When you have found this place it is time to join the army of artists, in the fight against untruthful works going on around the globe. Not even necessarily works of the almighty word. As artists we can make a change. We were the catalyst to change throughout history. It's time to show our faces and our passion once again! It's time for an artistic revolution!

I am working on a program/website that is a coalition of artists of all types who write from the heart. We want to hear your story and how it affects your work today.