Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thoughts of the day: Harmony, Felicity and the Soul


Remember, our soul is immune to the fear of failure. It will never steer us down the wrong path. The brain, however, is too readily available and tends to get in our way. It's a powerful tool, but only works in our favor when in tune with the soul. Realize that this is achievable by having faith in yourself. So many people ask me, "How do you know that your career as an artist is going to pan out?" It is an understandable question. A simple question with an answer that is only as complex as you choose. My belief is that our souls are all in tune with the universe. A negative minded person sees a dark gloomy world, filled with money hungry vampires. This will cause a retraction from society and the world around us, not allowing the soul proper access to the energies around us. Giving it a chance to turn negatives to positives. No matter how difficult and scary life may becomes don't retract from reality. Make it your yours, own it everyday! Your soul will reward you with success for showing faith in its most central elements, hopes, dreams and ultimately complete happiness.

- This work by Max C. Escher is an excellent extension of my thoughts today. Our experiences are works in and of themselves. "Art and life will always touch. However, they will never be one."


I know this is a tall order, or so it seems. Things are only as hard as you allow them to be. The answer is quite simple, literally! Simplicity, as an artist, or to anyone for that matter is key. Enjoy the small things in life that you look past everyday you open your eyes. This is the easiest place to start on your journey toward success. Life is a big picture, but like every other great work of art it is about the minute details. ‎Finding simplicity in life, and therefore your art is the surest indication of progression. There is great irony within every pathway to success. The problem is for many irony is obscure. When my father passed away from a cocaine overdose it was hard at that age to turn something so devastating into a positive. One day I woke up and saw the irony in the situation. I saw that life is not a sure thing. You should always give your all everyday at achieving your dream, because tomorrow is not promised. While he always told me to "follow my dream" he would never have understood that the career of an artist takes time to develop. He wanted me to go into a "sure thing". Whatever that means. Those two statements together never made sense to me, when used together. What I'm trying to say is everything happens for a reason to propel you toward your destiny, so take things as they come.

Tell me, what are some of the simple things in life that make you happy? If you can't think of any, what do you think is blinding you from of these things?


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  1. Your writing is awesome Mike...
    Simple things that make you happy... for me, what makes me happy is nothing. And I mean that I am content and happy with doing absolutely nothing. I don't know if that make me simple or complex... but nothing interests me... I can lie back on the couch for days, weeks and just think and be totally happy.
    I got more like this after my mother passed away almost 2 years ago... My mother was a lover of life and people.. she was the most honest, warmest, kindest and sincere person I've ever known.. her family was most important to her... she had her certain things that she kept and cherished over the years... then she died... everything she loved in life was left behind.. her family who she loved more than life was left behind.. she died alone... as we all do... since her death, nothing really matters.. everything that we loved, cherished, wanted, needed, etc... for what? I always wanted to live a long life and not die.. who wants to die right... now... I'm looking forward to it.. the fact that my mother is already there is a comfort... and I welcome the transition.. I'm done here.. the search here never amounted to much and I think it's because for me it's not here...