Thursday, July 21, 2011

The life of an artist: The blessed curse

I walk alone, but I am surrounded by support. I'm taking a risk, so they're all whispering. Whispering after they smile and nod. This is when I realized, at around 17, that as an artist I can't even rely on myself. All I have is my soul. If my soul doesn't speak volumes everyday, than no one will hear. If have been called upon as an artist, you must accept the burden that comes along with it. Failure may be a part of that burden, but I am speaking of opening your soul to all of the forces of the universe. You cannot tune out pain, fear and suffering, among other uncomfortable emotions. You must feel them, keep them in you mind, so they are easily accessible. Emotional recall is the most valuable tool in an artist's tool belt. This allows us to evoke emotion in others, which makes works of art.

Through this process I noticed that life is too short and no matter what negative obstacles lay in my way, I will push on. Turning those very negative forces into positive forces that push me to the next level. In my experience, and to my knowledge, artist's tend to be a tortured breed. With every gift comes a curse. It is unusual how traveling to
disconcerting areas of the soul, to compose your work, actually brings on a comforting hypnosis. Allowing us to escape the world for a little while. This is one of the most rewarding things about being an artist. The second would have to be sharing that experience with other. Allowing them an escape.

Every artist has their own method. For me whether it's writing an article, a story or a film, I just touch my hands to the keyboard, or my pen to the paper and let it flow from my soul. I rarely edit my work, because I feel when something is too thought out it isn't a work of the soul. This has helped me gain trust in my soul. I trust that it will deliver for me. Through writing and mediation I have honed my souls powers. Through that strength I am blessed with the ability to face life head on. To me any experience in life, good or bad can help me in my work. That is why I have started this blog and movement, to show younger artists that releasing your demons from your soul through art is rewarding and refreshing at the same time. Do not fear a career as an artist. Don't listen to what others say. For that matter, don't even listen to yourself. The soul will guide you in the right direction, forever.


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