Sunday, July 17, 2011

Soul of a blind man

This short story just came so quickly, and my thoughts were abstract. Therefore, so is the work. I hope you enjoy it.

A strong willed bind man in a vast field. Thoughts of death and its after effects flow soulfully, slowly through his mind. The reason he came here. In the far distance he sees a light. Slowly approaching, unable to comprehend that he is seeing light. In touch with his soul, the only tool he has to truly experiences the world and it's energies. soul reminds him Remembering those past sunny days. The sunset he used to watch with his wife, before she passed away. The rays of light become more powerful. At the corner of his eye, he spots what looks like tall grass. Right away, he is starting to think, "My vision. My vision is returning!" All at once the brightest, most beautiful ray of light! Like the sun he recalls from years back, the field illuminates and reveals the most beautiful scenery his bright eyes have seen in a decade! Only his soul can comprehend. Beyond words.

An unreligious man, not due to bitterness. Bitterness silenced by his true belief, the soul. Left dumbfounded, not knowing where to channel this over elated joy. A strange situation with a strange possible answer. Possibly, being so humbled by his powerful soul he fails to realize he should be praising one man, himself. He rushes back to town. Flying up the hospital stairs, up to his mother's room. Flying through the door of her cold room. Dark in the middle of the day. He approaches his Mother's bed. The sights begin to make him panic, wishing his vision never returned. No monitors hooked up? Approaching footsteps behind him, followed by a hand on his shoulder. Everything begins to quickly make sense, and at the same time it all goes black all over again.

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  1. Good stuff, man. I especially dig your descriptive sentences and your control of perspective (ie. 3rd person) and tense is solid.

  2. Thanks man I really appreciate the feedback, Good or bad, it's always important to an artist.

  3. Perhaps he was seeing what his mother saw as she moved on to a higher plane. If so, what a lovely parting gift.