Thursday, July 18, 2013


Staten Island is now a series of tiny islands surrounded by rough waters claimed by sharks with steroid rage and vikings in search of whatever is left if your soul. I looked out my window before and a passing warship passed by looking for the few left that are unarmed in the name of peace. This is only the beginning of what is panning out to be a very long war on the loving and the loyal. Everyone has begun staking claim and flying their flags on their small remote islands. Don't say you weren't warned: don't wear your warm masks you will be scalped and burned alive for the pleasures of the non-believers. To not believe in anything but your self has become the new movement. Everyone has seemingly bunkered down and prepared their barracks. What was once an imaginary war is becoming very real with very real casualties. On the bright end of the spectrum this is perhaps the kickoff of Armageddon as we never saw it coming. Complete death of the universal soul. Soon we will just be floating around existing at the hands of those who seemingly out evolved us caring and compassionate people. Darwinism of the mind and heart is in full swing. Affairs and quality of life all of the globe are either evolving for the good, like in Egypt and Brazil or headed toward an end of days like in the United States with the reveal of the N.S.A. The N.S.A is just the first of the final signs that our freedom is gone for good! Perhaps we have one final chance at saving our country, but as long as we're in this game called life to win on our own... Guess what?! We're all going to lose!

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